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iraq blog
this guy is retired SF current freelance reporter in iraq. its full of amazing stories of the heroism that the mainstream media will never speak of.
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WOW! I read just a little bit about the shop, and it was simply amazing. But could you tell me if the reporter actually killed any terrorist? I know he picked up Prosser's emtpy M4, then loaded it, but it on semi, then ran into the shop. It stated he had shot a propane canister. So was that all he (the reporter) shot, or did you also kill the terrorist that was trying to kill Prosser?

The part I read started just under the Helicopter, and all the way down to : Combat Support Hospital.
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No, Prosser wrestled with the guy on the ground and by the time a few more guys arrived, he had subdued the terrorist inside the room and they took him into custody. He was treated at the same hospital at the LTC was.
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