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Operation Broken Home (Oklahoma)

From the team that has brought you the award winning event series "Oklahoma Invasion" presents a new series:

American MilSim is Proud to Present
Operation: Broken Home
Memorial Day Weekend May 25th-28th 2012
D-Day Adventure Park - Wyandotte, OK

OPERATION: Broken Home

Spring 2013.
Location, the former sate of Oklahoma, now part of the Coalition of Sovereign Territories.

Last year, conflict between Israel and Iran boiled over into the rest of the Middle East. Iran’s retaliation for Israeli military strikes was to heavily plant mines along the Suez canal, crippling 30% of the worlds oil supply. The Arab spring birthed new uprisings across the majority of the oil producing counties and OPEC can no longer provide the demand for the world's hunger for oil.

The cascading effect was a systematic economic collapse of Europe closely followed by North America. It seems that oil is indeed the life blood of the modern world.

Countries’ oil reserves quickly became the new ‘gold standard’ in the global economy. The United States government passed regulations putting a heavy tax burden on the oil producing states of Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, California and Alaska causing these states to agree - it would be better to govern themselves and secede from the Union. And on 7 Jan 2013, The United States as we once knew it no longer existed; Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Alaska pass their resolutions entitled "Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession from the Federal Union".

The oil producing states formed their own government, the Coalition of Sovereign Territories. They quickly and effectively mobilized their local military to set up defense positions around their territories that border with the former United States.

The remaining states in the Union reformed into the United Federal States with full intentions of forcibly regaining control of these Sovereign Territories.

Tensions continue to rise between the seceding territories and the United Federal States. We now see other states beginning to declare allegiance to the Union or side with the seceding territories.

After expressing intentions of joining the Coalition and being surrounded by three of the four already withdrawn states, Oklahoma will be the focal point for any UFS military strikes. It appears that the beginning stages of military conflict may begin here in the near future, igniting the spark of a modern day Civil War.

In a House divided, which side will you serve?


OPFOR: UFS (United Federal Sates)
UFS ARMY: United Federal States Army - DCU 3 color Desert (Head gear: DCU or Tan - Squads must match)
UFS Marines: Desert Marpat (Head gear: Desert Marpat or Tan - Squads must match)
300 slots

UFS QRF: Quick Reaction Force: FULL and CLOSED

BLUFOR: CoST (Coalition of Sovereign Territories)
CoST: Coalition of Sovereign Territories Army - Woodland Only (No Digital - No Marpat) (Head gear: Woodland or OD - Squads must match)
200 slots

CoST QRF: Quick Reaction Force: FULL and CLOSED

Civilian Forces
Local Guerilla Forces - Street Clothes
50 slots

Corporate Military attached to UFS
Uniform requirements TBA : FULL and CLOSED
25 slots

Corporate Military Team attached to CoST
Uniform requirements TBA : FULL and CLOSED
25 slots

MoD Combat Controllers (Ministry of Defense)
Tan pants, black combat top, black hat
AMS/Regional Admin Staff: Inquire

Coyote pants, black top, RED hat
Approved Regional Admins Only, American MilSim Game Staff
25 slots: Inquire

VSO Vehicle Safety Officer
ACU pants, orange top, black PB mask
Slots Filled by D-DAY Adventure Park Staff

OP: Broken Home standard enlistment fee $100.00 per player.

Broken Home Webpage
Broken Home Forums
Broken Home Rule Set
American Milsim Forums
American Milsim Facebook
It is NOT your duty to die for your country, but make the other bastard die for his.
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