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AOR1 & MC Replica Review

I just picked up Crye Precision Replicas from Royal Tiger Military Gear in Britain.

To start, they're found here:

The shipping was $75, I got it 3 day because it was already $59 for shipping, might as well spend another $15 to get it there quickly. And that they did. It was at my apartment in 3 days. It was great shipping, and the website is very easy to maneuver. It also is a great site because it's made of nothing but replica stuff. Check it out if you don't want to pay full prices.

Now for the products.

The replica is a FROG suit. Clearly not fire resistant, but still looks like a real deal kit if you ask me.

Any of the features I show are based on both suits as they're both identical to the T except for the pattern. This is the reason why I chose Gen II instead of Gen III in MC's.

To start with AOR1:
This is it compared to my buddy's MARPAT

The MARPAT is on the left, AOR1 on the right. There was a thread where the person explained that AOR1 is drastically darker, you can see that compared here in real life, no altered images online.

This is comparison with real MC's

As you can see, it's slightly darker. I kind of like it since NJ is darker than what it's made for, so I think it'll work slightly better. But if you're looking for legit kit, this won't do it for you. Personally, it'll lighten up and I have no problem with it.

Now for the features:
They have the built in knee pads, as seen here

AOR1 has them in, MC's don't.

They have a LOT of pockets

The AOR1's are of the upper half of the pants. The MC's are of the lower half. This is the front part of the pants

Now for the back part

The back pocket is REALLY deep. That is what's left hanging out of 2 mags. Then, the cargo pockets are more towards the back, so that it fits the knee pads.
All of the pockets, front and back, are velcro closure.

There's velcro on the back to tighten the knee pads

This is the belt loop. The waist is exactly 38in. This isn't like the American 38in waist that can be anywhere between 23in (Hollister) to 45in (Nautica). If you don't fit what it claims, you won't fit the pants.
There is also a loop at the bottom of each belt loop. Do what you want with it, but it's nice to have it there for things like what I put on it.

Now for the tops:
It looks amazing IMO

I love the zipper front. It's such a cool feature and very rare to find without being the real deal.

This is the only part I see them being different:
The MC's have only a velcro closure

The AOR's have a smaller velcro and a button closure:

That's about it for the gear...
There were some minor things that I noticed, but didn't bother me at all...

Inches off of major seams there was always this, only on the pants on both AOR1 and MC's. On the inside of the pants, you would be able to see that they finished off all sewing jobs with it. You can't really notice it unless you look for it, you probably can't even see it on any of the other pictures.

If you have any questions, or would like pictures of other parts of it, ask away. I'll be glad to give detail.

And yes, those are How To Train Your Dragon bedsheets.

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How sturdy do they feel? I'm thinking about getting a set of the AOR1. Also, after you use it a few times, think you could report back on this so I can get a better idea of how comfortable they are, particularly the knee/elbow pads?
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I have the knee pads in wrong right now. I didn't feel like fighting with them because I was just taking pics while waiting on my roommate, but I'll report back later today with them in their proper spot with how sturdy they feel.

I can definitely give you an idea of how sturdy they are after a game or two. I'll be hitting up the field hopefully in two weeks.

Also, there seemed to be some confusion on my other forums. These are not FROG gear

The artist formerly known as 8 Ball

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looks good, keep us posted
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I really don't want to derail the thread, but Marpat fades like a *****. Used marpat looks white compared to a new set. Really the only difference I have seen from no **** real AOR-1 (I know a guy who knows a guy who wears it to work) and my inspection cammies is the lack of the "coyote" color that stands out on AOR-1.

Regardless, good ****. I am usually extremely hesitant to buy anything replica in the section because even my American made cammies rip too easily.
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