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Magpul PTS Masada figure 8 nub remake

So many of us sometimes make mistakes. Mine was with my absolute favorite gun. I forgot to turn off my hop up before taking out my barrel. demolished that poor little nub(not that it worked well anyway). I have seen no real replacement for this piece and has lead me to this point.
I tried the tooth pick fix to keep the now mangled hop up nub circular.
I could just Glue a Replacement to the hop up arm. But that would be a mess. Nope...
I started to cut some pieces of rubber foam to place in the hop up arm. Didn't work.

Then a break through.

2 good resturant toothpicks the round ones
2 5/64x1-3/8 heat shrink tubes I had box of shrink from Harbor frieght, $6.99
2 5/32x1-3/8 heat shrink tubes
fingernails (odd but true)

1. I started by placing the toothpicks inside of the two smaller pieces of heat shrink.

2. Then put those(both) inside of the (1) 5/32 heat shrink tube. Make sure ends are flush with each other and use the large diameter of toothpick and leave the pointing end sticking out.

3. Lighter, hold the flame just under the combined pieces but try not to melt it to bad.

4. Drop lighter, now using your fingernails or what ever, Quickly push in between the two toothpicks while the plastic is hot. The individulal tubes shrink around the tooth picks and the large one then hardens in the much needed figure eight position. This gives you the flex in the two O's and the pinch helps contain each and from colapsing.

5. take out the toothpicks, a little force may be needed. Cut to width of hop up arm, the moving piece.

6. place in hop up arm and in put the tooth pick back in the hole. this locks the hop up nub in the arm unit. Cut toothpick on one side, push it through a little and cut the other side off, and push back center. You want it just inside the new nub so that it does not hit the side walls of the hopup chamber and get stuck. If you find that it is not quite right or a little small you may need the extra piece of large heat shrink.

7. In the side that touches the bucking you have a few choices, add the tooth pick back in(or not take it out, you get a better cut if you take it out tho), nothing, try it and see if it is enough. Or (me) I added the outer skin of a wire (22ga) to that hole so it would colaspe just enough yet stay firm. Careful tho, to many times in and out and it will hurt the front top of your bucking when you slide your barrel back in.

Try it and see if it works. If you need instruction on taking out hop up let me know and I'll add it on.
Hope this helps all of us....all for less than $1.50 might even help those Tar21's

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great MOD I just did this but I used a Oring cut in 2 pieces and left it in the shrink tube.
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Great, I'm glad someone else was able to benefit from it. That nub and the motor is the only really bad parts.
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