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Mini RC Airsoft Tank

First off I have seen the threads on the UAV. I was searching Ebay for a RC tank for my son. When I came across this:
This plus a wireless camera is about $150.
I was just pointing it out because of the (what I believe) coolness factor.

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I've always thought that remote vehicles with the ability to shoot are neat.

Personally, I'd rather spend money on a claymore or something of the sort...there is just something terribly demeaning about getting lit up by a tiny-tank...

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DIY Automated Sentry Gun
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I had one like that one a while back. The idea and concept is cool but it only shoots like 10 feet on a good day. Still very cool to drive around though.
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Originally Posted by Bronco View Post
I had one like that one a while back. The idea and concept is cool but it only shoots like 10 feet on a good day. Still very cool to drive around though.
The point isn't to shoot it but to put a camera on it and use it like a UAV.

The only problem I see is someone stepping on it, then your out $150.
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Hey just a little heads up, ground vehicles that are remote controlled are called UGV (unmanned ground vehicles) not UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) . Its like calling a magazine a clip. They are different.

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I have several friends that own these. The Airsoft internals are low quality, low velocity, and not very accurate at all. This is little more than a novelty feature. The tanks themselves are amusing to play with. But actually having head-on-head tank battles, there is not much way to aim and even if you could, the guns lack range to be very effective. At this scale, there is not much room for a decent airsoft internals.

There are larger scale, which may offer a better platform.
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There is the same problems with this concept as the thread about rcxd's. how do you destroy does one signal that its destroyed to the opperator who is likly in a building out of sight? we were going to attempt this and came up with several methods of destroying our rov (remotly opperated vehicle) yet in practice none were practical. just as i said in the rcxd thread not trying to nuke your project but im not going to chase after a tank...although it is probably very slow unlike the rcxd previously suggested, i am going to shoot it with my gun, team bazooka, grenade launcher, my boot if i run out of rocket launcher ammo ect, and it is likely the camera will wind up taking a bb to the lense at one point.

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I've thought about building one of these. Not for airsoft, I just want a 1/4th or 1/5th scale RC tank
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I was thinking more of tearing the turret off, useing the wires from the fire mechanism to run an airsoft rifle mounted to the top unidirectionally and a camera. Scout/Ambush drone, put it 10' into the woods at a corner of a trail, watch troop movement and tune up the occassional squad. End of a hallway to cover an escape, many uses I believe. Only problem is people being mad about being killed by it giving it a kick. In all reality you could use a monster truck RC.

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Let me also state I wouldn't build this. I think an UGV (Thank you Wahugg) is a bad idea simply because it is an "unmanned" airsoft gun on the field. Camera or not.

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well, -- very good point Sacrifice-- I would use it more as like the Goliath --The German remote controlled, tracked mine used in 1944-- I would use it for the demolition of Armor or if the enemy is dug in some where pretty well. like it destroys an entire room, or a small building.
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This thread is over a year old. Watch your necro-posts.
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Bio, its a bot.
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