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ESS Advancer V12 Review

Saw a few posts about eye protection on the field, and some complaints about size/fog issues with most of the options on the market. I also saw some discussion about the ESS Advancer V-12's. Those are the goggles that I use, and have come to love. Here is a review I did in the past on them. Hopefully it will be of some use. Make no mistake EYE PROTECTION outweighs any other piece of gear you can buy. Don't cut yourself short because you don't want to dish a few extra bucks.


Love the reputation and the durability of the ESS line of tactical eye protection? For many of us, the answer is yes. But ESS brand has had some draw backs in the past. The standard model that we have grown to love is large, bulky, hard to use with scoped rifles, expensive and prone to fogging on those hot muggy summer days that we have around here (Southern Illinois). The ESS turbo fan is a great solution, but is still bulky and expensive. So what options does that leave you with? There are other set ups out there, but none with the proven track record of ESS. Well, now there is a solution and it is in the ESS Advance V12.

This pair of ballistic eye wear is used throughout the military from the navy to the air force. The state dept. and the FBI also make use of its advantages. Just a few of the features include:

* ClearZone FC Lenses
* Night-Vision Compatible
* 2.8mm Lenses
* Interchangeable Lenses
* ANSI-Compliant
* Mil Spec
* Advancing Lenses
* SideWinder Strap Outriggers
* Rx Available (Perfect for those with the vexing "I wear glasses...."question)

I picked up my pair of these 2 years back, and they have been tremendously superior to anything that I used before. From wearing them over the course of a few all weekend ops, I have noted a few great advantages to these. First, they are half the size and weight of traditional ESS goggles. This allows for a more form fitting and streamline appearance.

Next, these goggles incorporate free mounted lenses. This means that the lenses are adjustable from the mount in 2 different positions to allow for adequate ventilation across the surface without jeopardizing the safety of your eyes. However, this opening is less than the 6mm diameter of our munition of choice preventing any unwanted plastic penetration. What this translates into is a pair of goggles that are extremely difficult (but not impossible) to fog up in high humidity situations. To maximize the results use a standard defogger spray before use and the end result is phenomenal.

The ESS Advancer V12s also come with a variety of interchangeable lenses that include smoked, yellow, and clear. The strap band is fully adjustable. In the package deal they also come with the compliment of 2 cases, soft and hard, to store and transport them in. The contour across the face is comfortable, and has a clean seal.

Durablility on them has been phenominal. As with all goggles, you need to take proper care of them. Supplied with the set is a convenient carrying case for storage when not in use. Their inherently small size makes them easy to attach to your vest when not in use. When they are in use, I have found them to be very resilient to scratches. The rubberized seals have held up nicely, and the vents still function flawlessly.

Finally, what everyone will make the final decision on is the price. The MSRP of this unit is $115 USD. Most internet retailers sell them for close to $105. However, if you know where to look they can be much more affordable. I was able to secure my pair at a local gun show from the certified Blackhawk Tactical dealer for approx. $80. Not a bad price for so much that is offered from them.

-Low Profile
-Extremely Fog Resistant

- Needs occasional fog spay to compete with "fanned" goggles.
- Lower profile does translate into less facial coverage. Your eyes are well protected, but you will run the risk of losing your boyish good looks.
- Higher Cost

Sleek, reliable, moderately affordable. If you are serious about eye protection but what to go a different route than the standard ESS goggles or a full blown mask, then you need to check of the Advancer V12s.

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Please write more reviews. This one was awesome.
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I have a pair of the V12s and I absolutely love them. I have found if you rip out that foam stuff over the vents they will not fog at all.

Also I have the RX insert and it so very seamlessly allows people that need to wear glasses to have low profile high quality eye protection.
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Agreed. Very well-written post!

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I have to agree with him. I've been using a pair of these for nearly two years now and they are fantastic. I love the tinted for lens set for daytime games since Im addicted to sunglasses.
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"I have a pair of the V12s and I absolutely love them. I have found if you rip out that foam stuff over the vents they will not fog at all." from Sidd

I agree with Sidd on this point. I removed the foam from the pair I have and on a BREEZY day that is hot and sunny, it's just like having a pair of turbo fans.
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Thanks guys I am going to order a pair.
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