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Question Snipers....

I know, I've read all the **** about how a lot of new people try to snipe and hate it but I believe I could handle it. I just wanna know if it's possible to get a usable sniper rifle for under $150. I may not even end up buying a sniper rifle but I wanna look into my possibilities. So please don't put up a bunch of discouraging posts, I'm making no guarantee that I'll buy anything.
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This is going to end up a opinion post no matter what so in the case

In Befor Close.

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I can buy a usable car for 500 bucks. Doesn't mean I'll want to drive it, and it most definitely means I won't win any races. So what do you mean by usable? Yes, you can get a sniper rifle that shoots bb's for under $150. And yes, you will get out-shot by almost every AEG out there.

But hey, if that's what you want to do, go for it. I could always use more target practice.

This will get closed, simply because there ARE rifles out there for under 150 bucks. You already know this. And you must also realize they're not exactly quality, otherwise you wouldn't have asked. Which really means, if you look at it, that you answered your own question.

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Totally useless post.

Infraction issued.

Thread closed.

There's your guarantee.
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