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AAR: OOBI MilSim Open 2

I'm not a very good writer, so bear with me and post your own AAR.

Finally home from OOBI's MilSim open 2. Man what a day. Started out as a regular Globex grunt, but due to some feeding issues, in the afternoon I was a babbling Globex Scientist tasked with downloading ad deleting my research on a viral weapon I'd developed. After being killed and mediced twice then killed again just before the Malgovian Army captured me, I respawn we and hatched a new plan. Pretend to defect and stall for five minutes in the Chow Hall, this completing our objective. However, after getting shot by Globex personnel, I decided "well screw you too" and went to work finding a cure for the virus I released on Malgovia.

I also captured on old blue flag, possibly the greatest achievement of my BBwarz career.
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I will have to say, this was one heck of a way to finish out my airsoft season!! I don't think we had as many as the 001 last month, but there was a whole lot more action this time! Even though the green outnumbered the Globex team, they put up one awesome fight all day! Congrats to JackRabbit on her first CO job. Great adversary to be sure. Kudo's on the escape attempt. Perhaps next time, take out the SAW gunner first, then run. LOL

Sportsmanship was top notch all day. I heard about only 1 incedent that someone got heated on, but the guy said it was resolved so quickly, it didn't really even count. Teams worked together on green, stayed on task, and resolve almost all of our missions. There were a few that didn't go as planned, but hey, you can't win them all, eh?

Everyone was talking about how well things went, and I know we were all pretty tired when lunch break finally came!! My buddy Phish played on the Globex team, and he vowed that his only mission for the day was to find me and shoot me. Yeah, he got me alright...long distance, in the chin. :/ Hrmph.

Overall, I give this game for the end of the season for me a 9 out of ten, only because a perfect ten should be exceptionally hard to get.

Great day, tons of fun, lots of soreness afterwards, and I got to finish out the day with hot wings and a tall glass of Sam Adams Octoberfest with my family. I am REALLY liking these Mil sim Opens!!
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OOBI Milsim 002 was an awesome time for me, And kept with the theme of the last one. I don't know how, but it happened that I got my *** kicked ALL DAY, and still had an absolute BLAST. I've been to AMS games, Lion Claws events, And even a Milsim West event. Even though they all have a place in my heart(MSW especially) I think the most unbridled and relaxed fun i've had has been at these two Open Sims. I'm hooked for sure. Good job Malgovians for keeping us on our corporate asses all day, Though I like to think bringing Nelson's RPK out for the afternoon helped even the field, if even a little. (thanks again Nelson for letting me run that)

Favorite kill(s) of the day:
Going full VC and hiding under a log with an RPK to ambush Green players from the bushes in the last scenario.

Favorite death of the day:
Someone in the creek nailed me as i was moving back towards the Chow hall with my squad(first scenario). Seriously good kill, I never saw you coming, and I never saw you going.

Favorite scene:
Running across the field to medic glitch, just to see him die 15 seconds later. Then I died soon behind.

Overall, one of my favorite days of airsoft. Only saw one rage, and he cooled off immediately without anyone saying anything. Thanks Jonah for hosting, I can't wait for more of these.
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From the event organizer perspective I have to take my hats off to all of the players who came out for milsim open 002. You guys followed your CoC, had great sportsmanship, and all played hard. You really can't ask for much more than that guys!

The plan on running these events is to give veteran and new players alike a chance to have a casual introduction to milsim airsoft without the pressure of a big game or the free for all style of some opens and we are curious to hear if we are achieving that. This will be the last open sim of the 2015 season and we will likely resume in January or February weather permitting.

In the two of these that we have done I have seen great communication, teamwork, and veteran players willing to step up and show the new players the ropes which if you have been following the community discussion is something we are trying to get back to so I am very happy that the vets continue to step up and the new players are willing to be such excellent pupils! Huge thanks to Rygar and Jackrabbit who stepped up for command duties and a special hats off to Jackrabbit who did a fantastic job in her first CO position!

For those attending Badlands next week I will see you there otherwise have a great and safe holiday season and we will see you all again in 2016!
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