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End Of Days III AAR

Since it has been requested that we use AO more to post AARS then on Facebook I am here to post mine.

This AAR is in regards to End of Days III at Fallen Warrior Airsoft. As always I will try to stay impartial and put out what (in my opinion) was good, and bad in this AAR. After stating the three ups and three down, I will go in depth and elaborate.

Three Ups: Referee Presence, dedicated zombies, proper enforcement of rules throughout the day. Bonus: You had to scavenge for supplies.

Three Downs: occasional hits not being called by players, face protection must be a requirement for dedicated zombies no exceptions. Stealing of Base Supplies.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Once everything was said and done, I walked away from this op:
1. Extremely satisfied
2. Tired as all get out
The day started like any other day with the safety brief and a thorough going over of the rules. This phase took about 20 minutes because the staff wanted to make sure that the rules were explained and everyone understood them before we proceeded with the day’s game play.
One of the things that stood out to me almost immediately, was the referee presence, these guys were everywhere. At objectives, at random locations on the map, in ravines…..EVERYWHERE. It was good to see such a presence in the field, as they made it a point to make sure there was no stone left unturned, and no area they did not oversee. Another thing that was fairly awesome was that there were dedicated zombies. Zombies who ran around and whose only job was to chomp on people. An interesting rule for them was that their respawn timers were down significantly compared to folks who were converted to zombies, and that they could chomp on you while you were bleeding out or being mediced back to life. A way the EOs, kept track of people being able to survive being a zombie or now was the implementation of “Life Tokens.” Which you could give to a zombie in exchange for you going back to respawn to come back into the game. The final thing that impressed me more than anything else was the steadfastness of the staff enforcement of the rules throughout the day. Typically in some games, there seems to be a drop off in enforcement as day’s progress due to multiple reasons. This did not happen at all during the day and things kept moving extremely smoothly. As a bonus each player was given a set amount of bbs, to begin the day. Civis were given 150 bbs per person, and 250 for “H.A.R.M’. The staff did bag, and mag checks prior to even allowing players on the field, to make sure they all stayed on the up and up. During the course of the game you had to search everywhere and anywhere for bbs, rad suits, “zombie repellant juice.” and similar items.
Some things that bugged me during the game, for instance there was the occasional person who did not call their hits. It wasn’t rampant but it was a peculiar thing, the game officials were very good at calling people out on their hits. Something that became an increasing issue as the day progressed was face protection for the dedicated zombies. Being that a lot of the confrontations with zombies were up close you figure this would not be an issue. Several zombies were still being shot at close distances in their faces, face protection would protect them from this. Though it was a point of emphasis several times before the game… were still being stolen from bases. Players had to be corrected a few times on this during gameplay. It did not affect the game horribly but does show that players do need to listen just a little bit more.

I can’t say enough good things about this Game. I enjoyed myself a great deal and the scavenging put a different twist on it. The night op was also very enjoyable and though I did not make it to Endex amongst the living I had a blast as a zombie hunting people down. Typically I try to stay grounded and unbiased during my AAR, but can’t lie….I nerded out over this while writing it.

My Rating for this op 9.75/10
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