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Marushin Sturm Ruger MK1 MAXI

I just a Sturm Ruger MK1 MAXI a week ago and it keeps jamming in the barrel. I am using airsoft elite .25 bbs. It seems that the hop-up adjuster gets sucked with the bb when I fire the gun resulting in a jam. What should I do? Should I lube the gun with WD-40? Or should I get .20 bbs
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Never and I mean NEVER use WD-40 on an airsoft gun!!!!!!
Any petrol distilate will harm rubber parts...such as the hopup bucking and very important seals in gas guns.

Anyhow...I don't know your skill level with working on airsoft guns, but if you have the ability you should take the Mk1 apart and make sure the bucking and hopup unit are properly in place and that the hopup bucking is properly positioned. If it slides out of proper alignment it's possible for it to get caught in the barrel when a BB is fired. Also if you have fired it multiple times and gotten jams you may have stretched the bucking and would need new bucking. If you do not think you are able to work on it, take it to CombatDepot or AirsoftArms and have them take a look at it.

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I have a new problem now. When I load the magazine in and pull the trigger it shoots but the trigger doesnt come forward again for another shot, it gets stuck. Any suggestions on how I should fix this? Do you think I should send it into combatdepot or wolverine tactial to get it repaired?
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rusky, the closest place to you where you can repair it is at Precision Airsoft in Spokane. My friend got his SPAS-12 fixed there too (you know how insane the techno whizzie is on the SPAS on assembling it back together). contact them first thought phone or e-mail on their website

Hop you get yer MK.1 fixed! very interesting gun might i add.
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