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Austin's Guide To Gun Holding 101

So I was feeling tactical and decided to write a thread on gun holding. Now your probably thinking, "Any idiot can hold a gun." True, anyone can hold a gun, but it takes a pro to hold it the RIGHT way.

First things first: FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER!!! I don't know how many times I have to remind my own teammates about a straight trigger finger. This means your trigger finger is straight and is not touching the trigger. This ensures that there is no misfires before and during a game (I stress this alot on our team considering we play in a neighborhood and when we see a civilian we lower our guns and I put on a straight trigger finger, not so sure about the guy next to me though).

Next thing you need to know: NO GANGSTER HOLDS!!! I know, holding a pistol sideways looks sexy, especially when that pistol is some crazy gold Desert Eagle and you are shooting it with only your pinky and you have a Raging Bull revolver in the other hand, but you will almost NEVER get the best results, and you look like an amature. The gun should be held with both hands in an upright position. We'll get into aiming and shooting and all of that later.

Next lesson: LEARN HOW TO MOVE WITH YOUR GUN!!! When moving with your gun, don't just go running toward a guy arms waving, head banging, and bb's flying everywhere (trust me, it doesn't work). When walking, toes pointed foward, eyes always looking in the same direction your walking, legs slightly bent, and take small steps, you shouldn't be running (this will also help out your squad mates if you all are moving in a formation so no one is too fast or too slow, you all are moving as a single entity, not as sections). Now I would recommend getting a strap for your gun so when you are just standing waiting for the game to start you won't have to hold it or worry about the straight trigger finger, you just let it loose, and if you accidently drop it, it doesn't fall to the ground.

That's all I can think of right now, if you have any questions about this lesson PM me. Oh, and one last thing to remember: GUNS ON SAFETY AT ALL TIMES WHEN NOT IN USE!!! This also helps with ensuring theres is no misfires, but yes, it does not take the place of a straight trigger finger: STRAIGHT TRIGGER FINGER AT ALL TIMES WHILE NOT IN COMBAT!!! (trust me, the guy in front of you when in a squad formation will thank you if you don't misfire ) That's all for now, please leave comments and thanks for reading guys!
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Originally Posted by austin314080 View Post
don't just go running toward a guy arms waving, head banging, and bb's flying everywhere (trust me, it doesn't work).
In Black Hawk Down there thecrazy pistol guy who does something along those lines and kill the downed pilot...

But yeah in Airsoft it wont help to head bang.
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Quite helpful, thanks. While this does seem like an obvious subject, I did in fact learn something from it. I appreciate this, as I'm sure my teammates will

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Few things I'd like to point out.

You want to continuously be looking around, checking your six, seeing where your teammates are. They might have halted because they saw something you didn't. You don't want your eyes always pointing the same way of your toes, that's just silly.

You also don't want to move as a single entity. You want to work with your teammates. If you have a 4 man team, get in a diamond shape formation(this is obviously just one way). Each guy watches his side. The back guy is watching you 6. When you take contact, you can all move towards the fire. Just make sure someone is watching your back at all times. You have to rely on your teammates to do their job as you do yours. It's called teamwork, crazy concept, I know.
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