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Austin's Guide To Basic AEG Maintence And Care


1. Clean your barrel! It's one of the most important parts in having an air gun. Cleaning your barrel is good practice after every use, especially if you have a tight bore barrel. This will prevent jams and keep your gun shooting like a champ.

Use this end of your your cleaning rod, tear off a little piece of napkin and put it through the little hole and wrap it around. And like Robin said, use only 100% silicon oil.

2.Always charge your batteries for the correct time needed! This is important because your battery can go bad if you do not. It is very wise to buy a smart charger along with a good quality battery. If you have a standard wall charger you will have to take your batteries Mah rating, and divide it by your chargers output Mah.

Example: 1100 Mah battery with a standard wall charger with an output Mah of 250.


So a little under 4 and a half hours.

Always remember that a Ni Cd battery will need to be discharged before using, a Ni Mh won't need to be.

3. NEVER I repeat NEVER use .12 BB's! In fact never use any BB's from walmart, ****'s, MC SPORTS, Duhnams, or any other sporting good store around. The only time you should buy BB's locally is if it's from a store dedicated to airsoft. I have had good results with TSD Tactical .25's, and KSC perfects .25's.

The reason being is because using the cheap ammo will ruin your gun! BREAK THE INSIDES OF IT! Like I said....BREAK THE INTERNALS

They break pistons and chip gears. Now, would you rather spend the money repairing your airsoft weapon and maybe buying a new one, or use good quality BB's that will give you better performance anyways?

4. Treat the gun like a real firearm! Keep it out of sight from the public, orange tip or not. I'm sure I don't need to explain this one.

5. There's usually a BB chambered in the gun after you remove your Magizine! Make sure you clear your gun after use, fire in Semi a few times, make sure your not pointing toward anyone at the time, a BB will Fire! This is also Good practice because it resets the spring.

That's pretty much all the basic knowledge, If someone has something else to add, just tell me.
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gun oil works wonders too cuz its actually made 4 lubricatin the whole gun just let in nowhere near the gearbox and wipe the body of the gun cuz it stains really bad
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Where are they?

Okay....kinda mad but i've gone through two cleaning rods. One snapped and i lost the other. Does anyone know where you can by a new one? i bought the flexible one off of (just so i could get free shipping), can you get one without buying a new gun, which im sure you can just havent found one yet.
Thanks AO!
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