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Where to fill HPA tank?!

I recently purchased a 4500 PSI HPA tank and I'm having a hell of a time trying to figure out where to get it filled. Does anyone know of where I can get one filled near the Vermilion/Amherst area of Lorain County?
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I don't live up there, but Vermilion is up by Erie so I would think there would be a decent number of shops with scuba tanks, have you tried searching for any of those? Google generated a decent number when I just seached scuba near vermilion... I have heard some scuba shops don't have the nozzle to fill a HPA tank like airsoft and paintballers use, but if you got the adapter yourself that might work.

Or you could try finding paintball areas near you, once again a google search brought up a few on the east side of cleveland.
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I am not suggesting you do this (because they are quite expensive), but I wanted to link to the web pages here since some people will find this interesting and other people with deep pockets will say "Hey! That's exactly what I've been looking for!"

The Shoebox Compressor
You use feed the output of a standard 85 to 125psi compressor into the Shoebox Compressor and it boosts the output to 4500 psi. The Freedom 8 model will fill a 68 ci HPA tank from 0 to 4500 PSI in 1h 45m. Cost is under $700.

If you follow the links (like I did) from the site above, you will discover this site; which has a terrible layout, but the products and information appear to be solid.
This site uses the unit "Cubic Feet" (uncompressed air) as well as "Cubic Inches" (compressed air). The conversion is as follows:

Cubic Feet of Uncompressed Air = CI * PSI / 25042

My 68 ci 4500 psi tank will hold...
68ci * 4500psi / 25402 = 12.05 Cubic feet of uncompressed air.

I run an AEG SAW and have always said that HPA is a bad choice for a support weapon because the tank won't last a whole game. Perhaps if I owned a Wolverine SMP system and had a Great White tank (550ci @4500psi) strapped to my back, I might be able to make it through one day at a Blind Fury event. Ha!

Last, if you need your Great White 550ci HPA tank filled from 0 to 4500 psi, these Bauer SCUBA Dive Compressors ($3700) will complete the job in a half hour.
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Mercer Airsoft Center has an HPA refilling service... only 1.00 /1000 PSI. I think Crazy Dave's paintball just south of Mercer also refills tanks, but on a limited schedule.
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The trouble with owning a 4500psi tank is that few places (in my experience) actually fill to that pressure. Most of the commercial places in my area only fill to 3000psi because they can do so directly from a large tank, while to fill up to 4500psi they need to run a compressor.

You may have better luck filling up a 4500psi tank at an actual paintball field, as opposed to their retail location.
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But a scuba tank and fill station, the first fill is 100% but as you use more air it will of course fill less but I get close to 15 fills off on scuba fill verses having to buy air and have it filled every weekend
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Some airsoft fields, pretty much all paintball fields/stores, and I've even heard of scuba diving places doing it.
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