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From my understanding, It usually depends on the field and most often, the event itself. There are certain themes that teams usually follow in games and, to be honest, a woodland BDU works a bit better than an all-black kit in a forest, don't you think?
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Well just remember wearing black will get you really hot during outdoor games. But, if you play at open plays for the most part you will be given an armband/duct tape. But maybe not at milsim events. Hope this helped.
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I would suggest starting out with a green or tan pattern since most Op's require a player to wear one of these 2 colors. Not to say that black isn't allowed at Op's it's just not common to find Op's that uses it. If you spend money on black you may not get much use other than open play games. If you spend the money on Black camo then you will end up needing to purchase some form of Tan or Green in the long run. Some popular camo types that are used.

Green: Woodland, FG Atacs, Marpat, SAS woodland, OD, Tiger-stripe

Tan: Desert, Digital, Atacs, Multi-Cam, Coyote,

There are also several types of new camo available as well the can be expensive but most can be found at a moderate to low cost. I hope this helps with your choice good-luck.
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Depending on what type of game you play, you may or may not allowed to wear black camo. For open plays and such you will be allowed. Besides wearing green or tan based camo to identify teams, armbands are usually also used. If you plan to attend an operation or more offical game, wearing black camo may not be allowed. Green based or tan based usually your choice. It really depends on what the regulations of that certain event are. Some games may have more than 2 different teams. Such as a green, tan or merc team. From my experience merc teams or a third team usually has the option to wear black camo. You'll just have to check the regulations of the game before you attend. Hope this helps.
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Pride, just curious, did anyone ever answer your question? If so, what did they say?
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where do you plan on playing?

indoor CQB they usually dont group by BDUS, normally just a count off or whatever.

For example, CIA (cleveland indoor airsofT) usually lets groups stay together, and then counts off by 1's and 2's.

You then wear colored tags (which is just tape )
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First I would check and see if there are CQB fields near you. (I assume you are talking about indoor locations)

If there are CQB fields near you then see what they might require.

Yes there are games out there that split up teams based off of uniform color. It will depend on the game/field/ect on if black is allowed.

If you really like black you can always do a black rig (your vest and support equipment) and then also buy a cheap set of woodland or desert BDUs. That way you have your black uniform and equipment (what you want) and you also have a uniform (or two) that will let you play at other games.

They fields generally won’t mind if you have a green / tan uniform on and black gear.

You will get a lot of opinions from people on black equipment, good and bad.

The bottom line is to just do what you like and you think looks good and go from there. Only time you should worry about it is if you are trying to go to a specific game and that game does not support your uniform choice.

Best of luck,

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If you're doing a walk-on game, like at i70, then you'll get an armband or something of the sort. If you're going to an op, like Op Irene, then you'll probably want to get a Tan or OD plate carrier or something to signify which you're on.

Hope this helps!
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Would probably depend on the field you go to.
However, if playing outdoors a black loadout is a horrible idea. You'll be the first seen, not be able to hide anywhere, an easy target. Have seen it firsthand.
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So places don't allow just black. If you play any night games it's forbidden sometimes.
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I can't say for everywhere but I know some places don't allow all black. I know some night games it's forbidden. If I was you I would get a set of old school bdus. Personally I don't like the black items I go more tan but it might be better to put some different colors in your loadout.
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you are allowed to, but most people in events use traditional colors because it's what most people have. the biggest point of the different color BDU though, is easy team recognition
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Generally, you can wear any color you want; though you'll have a really really hard time blending in with your surroundings when you're wearing all black. Kinda reminds me of something about a sore thumb. Also, in the summer? Waaay too hot, and in the winter, well....
Some ops and strict scenario based games just flat out won't let you play if you're wearing the correct colors.

Good luck, but I don't see the use of a black load out except the looks, or if you play a ton of night ops.
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Black camo

Ok, Here buddy I have a perfect answer to your question. The tan and green teams is only for milsim evert. If you are wanting to play CQB go to a local CQB field and there you go! here is a link to some black camo.
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