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Red Star Wolverine Takedown

Red Star Wolverine Takedown

Note: Please refer to Echo1 USA's Takedown Tutorial before continuing on. This takedown was created as a closer look and reference only.

Onto the Takedown

Picked this up from a friend, and I have to say, I really like how it's built.
Not at all simple like a real firearm, but it's built well with few screws to strip like the Tokyo Marui designs. As for the rebrand make (Dboys/VFC spec or personal creation for Red Star Movie ect) that's for you to argue about.

The outer barrel is one piece, and the set up around it is something to love. I hate having to bring the entire tool box with me when one of these AEGs takes a crap on the field. This rifle, thankfully, can be taken down to the gearbox with 2 sizes or hex screws, a phillips and flat head, a hammer, and a punch.

Remove the dust cover from the back. Note the front should be resting within it's marked groove of the rear sight bloc
Remove the mock bolt guide. Be careful it is sliding fully into the rear sight bloc when reassembling.
Remove the mock bolt by guiding it to the rear of the receiver and pulling it up and out.

Now to leave the posterior end alone and move onto the front.
To remove the surrounding furniture of the outer barrel, start by turning the rear sight bloc lever (right side) and bring it up near the 70degree mark

Pull up on the posterior end of the top handguard to remove the gas tube
Make sure the release lever on the right side of the rear sight bloc is at an angle that allows the posterior end clearance.

Now to bring the lower handguard forward in a secure position.
There is a thread lug with a hex head that must be unscrewed. The lug is pictured below

Next, swing the lever on the front handguard bushing forward. Wiggle it forward and slide it to the front, under the gas bloc.

Then carefully slide the lower handguard forward along the mock cleaning rod until it meets the front handguard bushing under the gas bloc.
Notice the rear handguard leaf spring and it's correct alignment, prongs up.

Next we will need to move the rear sight bloc forward. We can do this buy punching out a pin marked below(left). We will also need to punch a second pin to remove the outer barrel(right)

Note the alignment of the pins when reinstalling.
This is crucial when reinstalling the mock bolt guide rod

Now wiggle the rear sight bloc forward to reveal the thread lug that holds the outer barrel in place. Remove the lug with a hex screw.

The outer barrel should float forwards, but free of the inner barrel.

There are 3 safety mechanisms that hold the inner barrel/hop unit in place. One is missing on this piece and can be seen in Echo1 USA's Takedown Tutorial

Safety mechanisms 2 & 3 can be removed like so.
Unscrew the 2 long phillips heads symmetrically holding down the hop unit.
Then unscrew the phillips head holding the inner magwell cover in.
The two longer screws insert directly into the hop unit base on either side.

Remove the inner magwell cover by pushing down on the smaller square tab of the cover (posterior end)
The hop unit can now float forward from the gearbox (under spring tension)

Now we can begin to remove the gearbox.
Remove the safety selector switch with either a screwdriver or grip wrench (depending on screw)
Note which end of the selector bit fits into the gun. The grooves should be flush with the selector lever.

Remove the grip screw and polymer grip. Now push the hop unit forward and bring the gearbox up and out.
Note the selector teeth should be perfectly aligned when reinstalling.

Hope this short reference serves as any help.



Dr. Squirrel WE M.D.
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