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Several Guns and Camo!!!

Here is the original thread and PICTURES:

SOA Link:


Madbull Tightbore Barrel
Systema bucking
Echo 1 h-nub
Metal Bushings
3 (not 2 as shown) hicaps
re-shimmed and re-lubed
Stock 8.4v battery and charger (recommend getting better ones)

I will chrono it later and update this post with the fps. It has some rust on a few bolts and scratches here and there. Other than that, it shoots well. For a while I used this over my TM AUG, but now my TM is my primary. It shoots nice and accurate. Let me know if you have any questions about it.


JG G36c:

Madbull Tightbore Barrel
Systema bucking
Possibly echo 1 h-nub
Systema Duracon piston head
1 hicap mag
unknown piston
300fps with .2's

I haven't seen any external scratches anywhere on the gun, but there probably is a few like most guns that have been used in games. Hasn't been used much, just this last summer (it was a buddy's, so I don't have an estimate on how many rounds he put through this thing). It shoots pretty accurately too. I can include a stock battery and charger if interested. Suggest getting a better battery and charger however.


G&G M14:

-painted green
-I am the second owner, but neither of us used it much
-Could use a good barrel polishing or new TB because
the accuracy isn't amazing. Its not terrible, but not
sniper rifle accurate. With a new TB and mods/tweaks,
you could probably get an accurate gun out of this M14
-sometimes the trigger sticks back if you pull too hard, but is easily pushed forward with a finger.
-have shot only G&G .28's through it and mainly on semi auto.
-Chrono's at ~354fps with .2's

Accessories/upgrades with prices if bought NEW:
-G&G M14 ~$200
-Modify 7mm bushings $18
-G&G metal cylinder head set (aluminum piston head, poly piston) $48
-Systema packing $6.75
-possibly SCS nub (cant remember if I put it in there. I believe so) $7
-G&G M14 scope mount $59
-3-9x scope (painted green also) $20-30
-6 metal G&G Midcaps $28 each ($168 total)
-2 metal G&G hicaps $33.76 each ($67.52 total)
-almost BRAND NEW Large 9.6v 3300mah Elite battery (charged only twice. Got it a month ago) Great condition $30

Total if bought NEW: $624.27 (I counted the scope as $20) plus shipping and labor in putting the parts in.

$370 shipped or $350 pickup

Let me know if you have any questions about this gun and I will try to answer them. Possibly interested in trades.


Selling this one for a buddy

335fps with .2's
3 hicaps and 1 midcap (or lowcap, not positive. I believe its a TM so probably lowcap). The mag with tape on it supposedly doesn't work, but Ill include it just in case it does.
Brand New forearm (holes drilled by owner)
Brand new full stock (can fit a large 9.6v such as the one with the M14 above)
Brand new fire selector (comes off sometimes)
New ICS Turbo 3000 motor
XYT gears
Unknown internals
Metal body (I was told its a TM, but because of the body, I believe its a TM/JG. the motor plate says TM on it)
Mis-matched screws
Sold as-is
No battery (large type connector)

My buddy is looking for $120 OBO

CYMA Thompsons:

I have 2 CYMA Thompsons that I'm looking to sell. Stock internals, no mag or battery, and some scratches on stocks but otherwise in good condition. All have been tested and work well, selling as is.

Now $75 each. Shipping is extra, local pick up preferred.


Jackets and pants $12 each or $20 for a set (more you buy, more of a discount you get).

#2 and #3 go together along with a matching ACU hat (not in the picture) for $12 total.

The BDU hat is $5

If your interested in the Unknown sized items, Let me know and Ill size them up to me to get a rough estimate of sizing.

Size Chart here:

1:Medium-Regular woodland BDU pants

2:Large ACU t-shirt

3:Unkown size ACU shorts

4:Medium-Short woodland BDU jacket

5:Small-Regular woodland BDU jacket

6:Unknown size German camo pants

7:Extra small-Regular woodland BDU pants

8:Woodland BDU hat Size 6 3/4

9: Medium-short woodland BDU jacket

Let me know if you are interested in anything.

Open to offers and possibly trades.

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JG G36c is SOLD


offer up on the rest. Camo is OBO
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Thompsons are GONE
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Is it possible to meet up someplace for the german camo?
Acta non Verba!
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If you live in Minnesota, then yes
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aug, camo, g36c, m14, mp5

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