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WTS: WOC m4, TM glock, Hi capa upgrades

1. Paypal only (gifted or fees added)
2. No refunds, all sales final
3. Shipping is on me unless stated otherwise(CONUS only)
4. I don't ship first. Most likely same time if we trade but it is up to my discretion

G&P WOC m4, Some pictures are from previous owner, last one is mine
I picked this up because I love gas guns but can use the money for other things. I would rather not let it go but I don't get to use it much. Currently the nozzle needs to be replaced and that is the only issue. Every weakpoint on it was replaced (charging handle, BCG). It also features a super nice "worn" job. It was lightly sprayed with tan/brown then wiped down to give it a sandy look. The outer barrel was dusted brown. Standard to WOCs, it has steel internals.
Comes with:
- Element Steel Bolt Carrier (under 500 rounds)
- RA tech NPAS + nozzle (cracked but still works), will also come with a few spare plastic and aluminum nozzle tips, will also include an AGM nozzle which I think works
- 1 Pro-win mag (also comes with the stock g&p mag), g&p mag I believe just needs a clean (sticky valves/leaky)
- (RS) Magpul XT rail covers FDE
- (RS) Magpul MOE FDE
- Magpul replica CTR FDE
- Magpul replica RSA
- Magpul replica MS2 FDE (not pictured)
- TD stubby foregrip BLACK
- King Arms rear BUIS
- PRI-style fore BUIS
- RS charging handle (modified to work, never need to replace again)
- 550 paracord "ASAP"
I am looking for $550 (picked up locally only, unless you want to pay shipping costs)

TM Glock 17 GBB w/ 2 magazines. Just picked this up and I would keep this but need funds for a hi capa build plus I already have another TM G17. This gun is in good condition with everything pretty new. I have JB weld reinforced certain areas that have shown issue on my past older glocks although this one is perfectly fine. Upgrades include:
- TM G17 base gun
- PGC silver slide + barrel kit
- PDI 6.01 TB barrel
- Airsoft surgeon super hard loading nozzle
- Airsoft surgeon piston
- Shooters Design metal magazine catch
- Guarder steel recoil rod w/ upgraded recoil spring
- One magazine with nineball highflow
- 2nd magazone with custom highflow
- Night sights
- Hogue grips
- Streamlight Tlr-1 CLONE, I found out about this clone on a RS forum where people were running them on real pistols with success. This isn't some airsoft copy. (runs on 2x cr123a batteries, about 120 lumens with a smooth reflector so pretty decent throw)
- JB weld reinfornced front post (its a weak spot on all TM G17s and every single one of my past 7 TM glocks have cracked here. It doesn't matter since the front rails are held in place by the trigger pin but I thought I would just see if JB weld did anything. It is holding up fine now. Because of the JB weld, the serial number plate safety doesn't fit unless you do a little more sanding. I was planning on getting a guarder plate for it anyways. The safety plate will be included still.
- JB weld reinforcement on a BBU area where about half of my 7 TM g17 had formed issues before (those were older well used ones though).
Looking for $375 shipped

Shooters Design compensator (hi capa)
25 shipped

Stainless Steel Comp ready "INFINITY .45" outer barrel (hi capa)
20 shipped

WE tech hi capa 5.1 magazine
25 shipped

Shooters Design magwell (hi capa)
25 shipped

TM hi capa 5.1 custom grips
20 shipped

KWA G19 polished chrome outer barrel
15 shipped

Trades (trade values are higher than asking price):
- Streamlight tlr-1S
- KJW 1911 tactical Hi Capa (black)
- Tanio Koba tactical hi capa grips (black)
- Shooters Design barrel bushing set for Hi capa
- Straight outer barrel for hi capa
- Kimber style trigger for hi capa
- AIP or stock hop up unit for hi capa
- stock flow valve for TM hi capa
- possibly other hi capa upgrades

Pictures to come later.
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