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Blind Fury 8

I'm waiting for the raffle to start, and just wanted to say this was a very good event. There were...oh shoot, Blade just started talking. More later...

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It was an awesome day....tired now....more to follow

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Great first Blind Fury. Had great time even though I did not hook up with Liberty squad till the middle then we had to get more water and they where gone. O well good job by tan but there where some issues with the sportsmanlike actions by the green. Will write more later once I leave my pulle pork lunch coma
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....amazing day. It could not have gone any better for me. Praised by a few people for ballsy moves and stepping up in Leadership just makes me feel much more akin to the entire community. And yes...I'm the guy who won twice...

I was also called up front for some reason and still kind of/don't know why. If anyone knows, please PM me!
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The op was unorginized but next time im going kreigers not pmc orther than that amzing day got lots of kills
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Yeah towards the end it was a bit unorganized and im still unsure who "won"
Just wondering who got the CA SAW in the raffle?

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Had a great time today, MERCs were awesome (and thanks HillSlam for paying us so much). Best moment today for me was drive-by-bombing the Armory at the Airfield amidst at least 100 clueless Kriegers

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It was a great day, now only 365 more days until the next, but now I'm gonna get psyched for Operation: Brains
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got my lounge clothes on, chicken mariachi pizza, now i just need about 3 hours of blind fury footage
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i had a good time, making money as the PMCs, i think we had 200 million by the time it was said and done
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i just got home and I am startin to feel it everywhere........time for sleep......but it was a great event!
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Had a good time. Also multicam is not a tan color. I saw more friendly fire kills than actual kills on green. Especially in the woods.
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Now that I am home, showered, fed, and seriously sleepy, it's time for me to write my AAR while the days events are still fresh in my mind.

I'm going to start off by saying, this will be an honest opinion of my first Blind Fury
Experience. Some of the things I have to say may not be looked upon as positive by some folks in attendance, but I'm not going to sugar coat anything. If you, after reading my AAR, feel as though you are offended or anything like that, please feel free to contact me via PM and continue to keep the thread clean.

My day started early, much like I think a majority of the players today. As real life
goes, we started a little behind the schedule we intended to keep, but hoped to make up some time on the highway. It was working until we hit the construction. When we finally got there, the line was still really, really long! I know that there was a ton
of stuff to be done for the staff at check in. My first beef is not with them..they were
working hard to keep things moving. My problem lies with some of the players that I observed while waiting almost an hour in line.

The event staff made it abundantly clear that check in was going to happen a certain way, and that everyone needed to have the appropriate waivers already filled out and ready to hand in as they reached each point in line. The command staff for the Tan militia hammered this into our heads. I saw several folks unprepared and having to stop the line and fill out their forms at the checkpoints. I believe this is one thing that hampered admission. I am a realist and understand that things get left behind and such, but there was an awful lot of forgetfull folks today.

The next thing on my list is some players in line trying to prep by getting out of their
car, getting into the back of it and trying to load mags (Why didn't you do this last
night?) and that sort of thing. Case in point, the car in front of us was two players
who were on the lower end of the age limit from what I could tell. They were constantly in and out of the back of the car, loading mags, and trying to walk behind the car as their mom pulled forward. This was annoying, but what I observed next was unsafe. After they had done all the other stuff, and got dressed, geared up, they then started playing with their pistols. They were firing off rounds!! Before anyone says 'they were just checking their guns' kind of thing, Posing like a BOSS and then drawing down and popping off shots is NOT 'checking' their guns. They were shooting away from the cars in line, but they were shooting towards the owners herd of horses in the distance, and there were cars coming back out of the parking area where they were shooting. Totally unsafe and irresponsible!!! I finally had enough when I saw them posing and shooting, I got out of the car and as politely as I could through my anger, told them to holster their pistols, that this was the line to get in to the field and there is an appropriate area for checking your gear. Thankfully they stopped.

By this time, my first impression of BF8 was slowly turning from excitement to one of

Now before you folks think I'm all negative Nelly here, That is it for now. We got to
our parking place, geared up, chrono'd, radio contacted our squad which had already
deployed, and were on our way to meet them. Although I am now intimately familiar with Gold city and it's surrounding area, ( we were there all day) from what I saw of the
field, it is simply FANTASTIC! Things started happening soon after we got to Gold city,
such as the massive attack by the Krieger forces which ended up with them taking the city very soon in the morning. From what I gathered, the city changed hands several times during the day. Our squad tried to keep together as much as possible, and in the
engagements we had, it went both ways, but when Green had the upper hand, they handed our rears to us very well! I heard lots of good comments between the forces after firefights. Plenty of 'good shots' and other positive things. I observed a couple of heated exchanges, but they diffused quickly and never went beyond verbal. Most of those were late in the day when I figure both sides were hot, tired, and typically shorter fused then they would have been had this happened first thing in the morning. I'm going to have to say the sportsmanship was really, really good today. I was very impressed with that.

Being new to the Blind Fury games, I have to say that having two forces that could change sides at will, made for some really confusing times. My personal opinion would be having only one group that could do that with between the Green and Tan. . (i.e. Kriegers, militia, and mercs). I feel this kinda took away from some of the game play. When we encountered either one of those two teams, it took a long time to get confirmation/information as to whether or not we could engage them in combat. By the time the answer came through, we had lost the initiative,
and the opportunity for a surprise strike had passed. Or, we would get fired upon,
return fire, then hear through comms to cease fire, they are friendly *now*. Just a
little too confusing most of the time IMO.

As an edit, I would like to add a point of safety here for all players. If you are on
the field, your goggles should NEVER come off!!! Even if we are under a cease fire, they
should stay ON YOUR FACE until you are off of the field of battle!!!! Late in the day,
there was some confusion as to when a cease fire actually ended, and an ambush was
stopped cold because the group being ambushed were still under the impression the cease fire was in effect and some were goggles off. As soon as the ambush started they yelled and was finally heard over the massive amounts of firing guns about players with no goggles on. Come ON folks!!!! That is the very first rule I was ever told about safety and airsoft. You NEVER take your goggles off on the field of battle, no matter what! You get yourself to the staging area/parking area/whatever area that is designated a safe zone that you can take them off.

Now, I come to the last part that I felt took away from the day for me. This is probably
where I'm going to get most of the negative comments for my opinion.

The age limit.

I feel it should be a little bit higher. Please do not take this a lumping all of the
younger kids together and labeling them all the same way. I'm not. I completely
understand that there are some kids out there who are at a higher maturity level than
most, some that have been mentored with a parent who plays or the like. Even though
there are exceptions, I feel the majority of the younger players are just not equiped to
handle the high level of Military Simulation that is being played here. As one example;
Towards the end of the day, we ended up with some stragglers from another
squad with us. We were taking some heavy fire as a large force of Kriegers advanced on our position at a checkpoint. We were taking losses left and right, and I as a medic
gave up my primary to another player who's gun had gone down, and proceded to fight and medic with my sidearm. meanwhile, during all this exchange of fire, our group of younger players were inside the CP, chit chatting with each other. About what I couldn't tell you, but I do know that they were not paying any attention to the firefight on the other side of the wall from them, were not returning fire when asked, and either hunkered down so they wouldn't get hit from the SAW that had us pinned, or so they could keep chatting, or both. Again, I was busy trying to fight back the advance with a sidearm and getting no help from 20 ft away from me. I tried to get them rallied into engaging, but it was done as soon as the SAW opened up again. This CP story is just one of the instances that brought me to the opinion that there are some players that are just still too young for a full on Mil sim game like this. They weren't with us the entire day, so I can't attest to how they did with their own squad. My opinion was formed from what I personally observed on several occasions during the time they spent with us. I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of flack for that one, but again, please yell at me in a PM if you must.

To sum up, Over all my first Blind Fury event was a resounding positive one! The
complaints you have just read above were relatively small in the scope of the whole day. I just wanted to give my honest opinion on those topics, and unfortunately I can't sum things up short like Readers digest. It takes more words for me to explain my complaint than the normal person.

I had a great time, played with some great folk from all four teams, and I really look
forward to coming back to this field again. Since I didn't get to see anything east of
Gold city all day, I must come back if only just to see what the airfield looks like in
person!! LOL Sportsmanship was top notch, folks were following the honor code and
calling their hits,(even a few that were unsure a few times) waiting the full time for
bleed out, sharing extra redrags, sending praises to the OPfor for good firefights...on
and on.
When the first Cease fire was called in the mid morning, we relayed by voice what
was sent via radio. (we were in the middle of a surprise attack from Green when it came
through) Immediately, all fire stopped, and rushing into gold city was a couple of Green
players who were ready to help with trained aide. They thought the injury was with us,
and they wasted NO time in dropping their guns and getting in there to help!!! To you green guys who came in, my MANY thanks to you! That showed your true quality as a person today, and that quality is the highest!

I was able to see and play with some familiar faces and names today, and I met many more new ones! It was my extreme pleasure to play with all of you! When we meet and play again, whether it be together or against one another, I will be honored to do so!

And now that it's two hours later than when I started typing this, ( I can't just leave it alone..I gotta go back and change this, or add that, or delete the other) I'm completely and utterly exhausted!

Good Night!

had to get out of bed to edit in MANY thanks to team IP and especially to our Squad leader Mojave and ASL Moose for letting us run with you today! Ya'll are a great team, extremely well organized and some of the best players I have ever had the pleasure of airsofting with! I hope our gameplay today lived up to your expectations and that we get the opportunity to run with you again sometime.

Okay..that's really the end...unless I think of anything else...
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I just wanted to say I, and all of my Indiana guys I have spoken to thus far, had a great time. This was the airsoft I remembered from 2006-07. That it is the first time I got to leave the confines of the airfield .

I will copy my AAR here later today after I have slept. Right now I am dling helmet and gun cam footage. I plan on watching it till I pass out, then getting vids up ASAP.

Had a great time, no complaints here. I saw really good sportsmanship, and the COC worked pretty well.

More to come, good job Blade.
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Time to red rag.
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This was my first airsoft event ever, and I am hooked. I had a blast! Even though I was the medic playing with the 97th and had no kills all day, I saved countless lives all over the battle field, including two real life incidents (back and heat injuries). I would and will do it all over again and again. Thanks Blade, you put on one Hell of an event!

On a side note...if anyone playing on the Kreigers (green) side recieved a brown patch and would like to trade for a green one, I would like to do that as I was given the wrong color. Thanks.

I would like to extend a big Thank You to the 97th for allowing me to play with their team. I enjoyed saving your asses and hope I get the chance to do so again in the near future.

Spitfire out.
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Well, now that I have slept, rested and feel generally refreshed here are my thoughts on the day.

I ran the mercenary faction yesterday and the first thing I would like to share is how impressed and proud I am of all the fine players under my command. Despite having like a third of players no show (final numbers were 22) you fought hard and operated like a well oiled machine making just as much money (despite loosing 2 stacks after we buried them ) as the PMC's with half the numbers, never let our CP fall despite being assaulted with numbers that bordered on the obscene and carried out tons of contracts making us millions!!!!!!

Here are my observations of the day:

The day began with a HUGE line for in-processing that as Rygar pointed out had some issues. Some suggestions for future improvement would be to form two lines earlier or even have a staff check and make sure that everyone had a waiver before getting to the process point.

There was no safety brief, or really any organizational brief which was a first for me. I was told by some of my players who had participated in the prior series that once you were geared up and prepared to hit the field and wait for game on. I know that there was a HUGE number of players but again, just as a suggestion an organized safety brief may have gone a long way in addressing and helping some of the younger (and some of the vets as well) understand the expectations of the day.

Once we deployed to the field we got to our base, set up and got rolling. The trigger time came quick and with a high degree of intensity. The Krieger's and the PMC's were a constant thorn in our side and we had many great tense "standoff moments" where we weren't sure who wanted our heads. Some ended in plastic slinging, others with cold looks and going on our way. I enjoyed greatly interacting with Hillslam and the rest of the civilians. Our coffers quickly filled and the action kept steady. Needless to say the day was full of some intense plastic slinging, some great moments and an overall fantastic time.

I did see a lot of heated tempers particularly on the green side (doesn't mean tan didn't do it but I wasn't shooting at them ). I would like to emphasize to those players who screamed at people, were aggressive and tried to intimidate other players with your tone and are playing a game, please act accordingly. I did hear a lot of complaints from my guys that several of their targets BLATANTLY refused to call their hits. By blatantly I mean saying things after being lit up at close range by multiple people saying "I didn't feel it" or "you are out *&@*#*$^" before returning fire. I witnessed some of this myself but cheating is a sad reality of the game. The instances where a field ref were present to my understanding the situations were promptly resolved. One other note on sportsmanship, is radio snooping. I don't care who you are, that is CHEATING, period. I know that Blade and the other EO's were made aware of this and that it was handled, but snooping, or in some cases broadcasting on your opponents com channels is so many shades of uncool I can't stand it. An example of this was after three of us had spent 20 minutes snooping behind enemy lines, two green players who ignored the stay put part of the cease fire directive were walking around after we had sat down and after game on immediately radioed (on our channel I might add) "watch out green, you have tan sneaking around behind our lines". If you need to "WIN" bad enough that you resort to cheating, find a new hobby or stay in the internet where that mentality belongs.

Some of favorite moments of the day:

1. Sneaking around the MASSIVE firefight between CP 2 and CP3 after leading the mercs into the teeth of the charge with the jeeps. Sky, Hoosh and I flanked low into the wood line and moved behind greens position. After watching a large green column advance past us we heard voices a the top of the ridge line. After waiting we opened fire killing several of the PMC's on the ridge top and were cleaned out by the green rear guard. While that may not seem awesome, the best part was that the hilltop PMC's and Krieger's engaged each other, killing a large number of themselves allowing us time to bleed out and walk back the CP avoiding capture !

2. The massive afternoon offensive on our position. Green and I believe PMC threw everything but the kitchen sink at our position and despite being massively outnumbered our guys had some of the most savage trigger time of the day. After maybe 45 minutes the attack was repelled and the mercs base was still safe!

3. Assaulting the airfield from vehicles. The second time in we were able to dismount, turn off the Kreiger artillery, get back in the vehicles and drive off killing several more with only 1 casualty.

All in all there were problems with sportsmanship, honor, cheating and generally poor attitudes. That however can't be said without saying for every nasty player or dishonest engagement I saw plenty of other players on all sides complimenting their opponents on their shots, smiling and laughing or working to complete their objectives with class and honor. There is always a percent of the players that are there for the wrong reasons or who are so insecure in who they are that they need to "win" at everything they do. With an event this size (over 450 players) there of course will be more of them, it is a pure numbers game.

The attitude that we had all day was that we payed this much money to participate in this event and you can believe we are gonna have fun doing it.

In conclusion, Blade and the rest of the Strikers I had a GREAT time, even with some of the above mentioned issues. The field is absolutely amazing and all of your work and effort truly shows. Hats off the the CO's of both Green and Tan as well as my counterpart on the PMC side, all of you did a great job keeping things moving as best can be expected . The pulled pork.................thanks field lady for ruining meat for meat for me forever as all others will simply pale in comparison to that sandwich.
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Great event I'm still feeling fatigued the day after.

A few things the green comms were so fibered command changed channels what 3 times. Com on guys vox is not cool.

Tan did a great job of hiding in that tree line, and mercs my squad was at cp3, who ever killed us after we pay you, way to play the part. Never ever trust a merc.

My al orgies got me so bad by lunch I had to sit out, but the day was infinitely made better when I won the kwa m16br thank you to the guys ofnairsoft smith and also to amped airsoft for giving the contour camera to my team mate flenner, watch this is airsoft on evoke or gi's equilivent we will be on there soon.

Thanks strikers great event I had a blast.
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Good to see you can always be relied on for sound advice Mac.
Originally Posted by Carnival
All we need now is an animated gif of a dead horse going down hill fast whilst being beaten by a guy saying "You Mad BRO".

And googling now.
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just wanted to say i had fun, but i also feel the op was a bit unorganized. blind fury 7 in my opinion was alot better. had a great time running with the guys the in the church in gold city. what s### storm that was huh guys?? hahahahaha, and whom ever i was with for the rest of the day. looking forward to the next Blind Fury blade. I WANTED THAT ARES M60 SO BAD! hahahahahha



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Well, I had a nice aar written but I got logged out. So onto the short version.

Good day for the most part. Plenty of action. Good sportsmanship for the most part. Like stated earlier, alot of positive remarks at getting shot "good shot" ect. Some negitives were the group of 3 green taking cover debatably out of bounds. By their deffinition they were in bounds because they were next to a tree which was bordering out of bounds. By the 50+ tan engaging them, they were indeed out of bounds. Not to mention even while flanked and fighting people in/ supported by jeeps, they were some how, never killed.
Another I guess you could say negitive was the fact that tan had to defend multiple points while green seemingly had to just defend the airfield. It made for a mixed up mess later in the day. Tan around a few little points, everyone mixed up, squads not together, and green just walking where they pleased.
I would have liked to see green defending multiple points and tan on the attack some point in the day.
Highlights, myself and my brothers from MACE held the tree line across from the airfield for 4 hours. Green never even made it into the woods in grids 64-65 while we were defending it. Defending CP1 at the end of the day, awsome firefight, amazing natural defensive positions. Lastly, the jeep push, except for the pesky green I mentioned earlier.

All in all, a pretty positive experience.

Bronco- All tan be advised, the demolition guy is Italian, I repeat he is Italian." To which Blade replies, "I dont care if he's italian, Im French-Canadian, i want to know where he is."

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Alright I have had a good nights sleep, a hot shower and a great breakfast followed by a hot cup of coffee, so i think i'm clear headed enough to post an AAR, I will start by saying we didn't have to sit through the lineaggeden but Tick and myself arrived on Friday that being said I know most people don't have the ability of doing that because of real life; so I will agree with Jonahm maybe two lines and Blade contact some of the older active members of A/O and ask them if they would be interested in helping with the processing you could offer reduced/free admission, free meal, I don't know something for there help I'm sure you could get ten to fifteen members to help with this,
1) as far as the line make it perfectly clear if you don't have your field waiver filled out before hand you will be put out of line and merged back in or put to the end of a group this assure that most of them will be prepared...Like I tell people all the time(poor planning on your part doesn't create an emergency on my part)...just a thought
2) as to the game The first scenario for Justice Squad was to take out CP2 which went flawless when Hillslam gave the GO LOUD command we wrecked them (and to the green force who walked over and took a pee right at our ambush site thank your lucky stars Go Loud didn't happen right then)......
3) we then reconned to the bottom and set up shop on the edge of the airfield this is when some of the non-hit calling started, (I know i'm hitting someone when they do the Michael Jackson and start dancing and there were some of them dancing but i'm not Bitter)....if you have medic's like we did they will keep you running and gunning ours were great and kept us going for the most part; all day (if they weren't casualties themselves)
and other Tan Force.
4) the push out into the field against the Duece was great alot of green kills and the duece ;we then had a small but wasted push on the airfield then pushed back to Gold City to regroup before being overloaded with Green Monkey's and PMC's...(I tryed to buy your guns but I'm Mongo a Pawn in the Game of War)
5) Green Force you guys kicked *** out there Krayzie & Raphkie kudos for keeping your force intact
6) At one point i thought we had a push going when we added a truck to our side but that bogged down too and we lost our squad leader to green (sorry Reaper) and then me as XO was shot out of my position but i took some green with me so life was good,
7) to Blade when you rode over after we were wrecked in the second truck driveby yeah we knew that we were dead and had the welts to show for it... but we were a little slap happy at that point and needed to catch our breath....
8) and before i forget; Kitten, the Green Force (real life medic) Blade, field medic and everyone else, and i mean everyone else when we had the heat emergency at the white pickup truck you are to be COMMENDED everyone stepped up and we got it under control quickly and the team work was stupendous know one hesitated
and it worked out well for the young man........again if know one told you Thank You
9) Justice Squad; Reaper, Phoenix,Timinis,Italian,Kitten, APO,T-Ritchie,Saw-Gunner(sorry i forgot your name) but you rocked it,Indigum,Slappy,Grimm, Lenihan, Cowboy,Tick, I'm sorry if i left you out i can't remember everyone who was with us But you guys rocked i know it was kinda topsy turvy but we had fun, we wrecked people and did what we had to and I had fun working with you guys.
10) Hostile Action great meeting you guys(Insane) I'm glad to have met you Standiman glad to see ya again you rocked that 60, Jonahm great seeing you again, good job to all the airsoft bretheren who i didn't mention great game, good to see you guys again, and chew the same dirt......
11) and last but not least Hilslam, India great job out there you had your hands full but made the most of what you had and i give you a HUZZAH.........
12) Blade and your staff Thank You again for putting this together, and to the owners of Hidden Valley Thank You for having us at your place, people should remember that there aren't alot of places who except this sport
and should be thankfull
Well I've rambled enough thanks guys for a great weekend together, looking forward to the next one as always have fun enjoy the rest of your weekend and summer.......
Stonewall/FTL Justice Squad

"CRY Havoc"......"And Let Slip The Dogs of WAR!"
"Every time history repeats itself; The price of the lesson goes up."
" The Almighty tells me he can get me outta this mess....but he's pretty sure your F@#ked"

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I had a great time. And I got to ride in the deuce until one of our green teammates went, Oh look a Deuce!!!! Rocket. Whoever that was you're a ****.
"The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference- they deserve a place of honor with all that is good." -George Washington
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I had a great time for my first Blind Fury. My favorite part was after lunch we(T.H.N.C.) left with another group of people to meet up with our squads. We where done first so we left to set up a perimeter. When i rounded the corner there where 40 Green walking down the road!!! We opened fire taking out 5 or 6 but four on 40 is not going to happen without a tornado or rocket launcher. Right as our last man called for backup he got shot. 20 seconds later we have 6 tan run up the hill and they call for back up. Next thing you know we have 2 jeeps riding up and as we are taking hits the green dont(I wonder why??) As they retreat we have a medical problem and green asks if we could move him off so they could still shoot us from the parking lot. That did not sit to well with everybody. Other than that issue, a fare amount of sportsmanship.
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carRAMROD had a great day as a team. Several highlights from the day, one was watching Stormtrupr take out a building of 20+ tan players with a rocket launcher. We never really encountered any bad sportsmanship, we did see a few people get mad on both sides... BUT for the most part good sportsmanship all around. There may have been some no hit calling here and there, but for myself using an RPK I found most people calling it the first time.

Things I didn't care for:
1) Pretty much all the action was between Gold city and the airfield, which I don't mind BUT what about Browntown, Emerald city and the Comm tower? It is kind of a Blind Fury tradition and this year when we were told to take it, we simply walked into the town finding no tan at all. Really was a let down from all the past years of amazing firefights there.
2) The contractor thing really gets kind of annoying. You never know if your on their team or not and it creates confusion. Sometimes you walk right past them thinking they are on your side and get a bb in the back because they aren't.
3) I think vehicles need to be clearly marked as being TAN or GREEN, because the Jeep that rolled into the airfield and set off the fireworks was painted green and we simply thought it was one of our vehicles. Having an AT4 in our squad it would have been nice to say, "That is a tan vehicle, blow it up." But instead most of the time we were all saying, "Im not sure who that vehicle belongs to.. Don't engage."
4) I think some people take it all a little too seriously.. It is a game, its supposed to be fun. I pay money to be there, not to be yelled at or treated in any disrespectful manner.

Other than that, it was a fun day. Not the best Blind Fury I have attended, but definitely not the worst.

On a side note, I was 1 number off from winning the Ares M60!!! But its cool, hope the guy that won it enjoys it!
Team: carRAMROD
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I had a great time for my first time at Springfield. I really didnt do mutch besides heal people and run around. But, there was alot of good firefights that I was in. One thing that I would like to more of is vehicles. That would of been nice. I did meat some people and had a blast! The best part of the game, Reaper aplys baby powder/ beating his meat right in front of my mom! That was funny. It was nice seeing Skywalker again. It was good playing again. Thanks Blade!
"Im a Contractor and a half."-Colossus
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Thanks to the event organizers.


Safety violations were in no short supply. I personally saw guys on both sides firing full auto in and around buildings and over friendly heads. I think the burst rules were too open for interpretation.
I also saw players jump in front of our vehicle while it was moving, to try and stop us.

Observer Controllers in all cities. Semi Only around all structures.

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