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Op: Climb to Glory 2012 Fort Drum, NY April 6-8, 2012

Op: Climb to Glory 2012
Fort Drum, NY
April 6-8, 2012

Op Climb to Glory is the next level for the MilSIm experience. This is one of the few events that allows International Players onto an active US Army base. Fort Drum is the home of the 10th Mountain Div. Foreign Nationals are allowed to attend but are required to register and provide info 30 days before the event in order to confirm that are not on a “watch list”.

The event Op Pine Plains is being retired and the original event organizers are going to do separate events moving forward.

From one of the producers of Op Pine Plains comes a more realistic MilSim event. We are working with several current and former military advisors to come up with an up-to-date event. These guys recently returned from Afghanistan or spent time in Iraq.

We will be announcing shortly who all the command staff will be but for those who have been to one of the Op Pine Plains you will know SFC Jeff Froelich., he will be back!!

Op: CTG will take the best parts of Op Pine Plains and combine them with the best parts of the first Op: Climb to Glory. Players are more immersed into the MilSim world

Op Climb to Glory is for the player looking for a both Force on Force combat in the main MOUT environment, take over the huge new Afghan village and is willing to go on extended missions to the Airport, Helicopter field and work in the Urban sprawl.

Op Climb to Glory is about quality over quantity and for that reason in order to give people the best experience we are going to limit the number of participants to 345.

The 2 main forces (Delta and Fox) will each have 150 and the OpFor will have 45.

I booked the dates with Range Control (16 Feb 2012) and I should have base command sign off by next week. This is short notice but in order to get a date on a active military base we need to work within their schedule.

As soon as I get the Base Commander Signature I will open Registration. Please check out website for more info and pictures of the MOUT site.

More info will be provided shortly…………….
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I got approval from the Base Commander on Friday.

I will have registration open tomorrow. I'm doing some final tests before we open the registration.

US Army forms will need to be downloaded, printed, signed and the ORIGINAL MUST BE MAIL back to me BEFORE the Op. The Army said, they need to have the original signed copy no more faxed or copies allowed.
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I am going to run the registration through It should be all set by tomorrow (Tuesday 3/13 by 3pm)

The forms that need to be sent back to me BEFORE the event are downloadable at

Print out the following and mail back ASAP:

1. US Army Weapons Registration (2 pages) 4 weapons can be registered per form.
2, US Army Hold Harmless agreement
3. MSATO, LLC Waiver

The Army requires the ORIGINAL SIGNED copy from now on. NO more Copies or Faxes only ORIGINAL SIGNED COPIES!!
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Please visit the website

“Register Now” orange button is on the left side.
Please go to the Downloads for the forms that need to be, Printed, filled out, signed and mailed to me before the event. Original copies only!

I am going to need everyone’s help to make this happen in short amount of time. We need min 200 to make this go and a max of 340.

The Forum should be open this weekend.

Please get the word out to your friends, this is going to be an awesome MilSim event.
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Climb to Glory is now moving to an even higher level of MilSim!
It is going to be Army Airborne vs Navy SEALs

We just got word last night that we have a team of former Navy SEAL's coming to run Fox Co. Jeff Froelich and his team will be running Delta Co. Jeff has been trouncing the competition for the last several events and now we wanted to give him a challenge.

Lt Cmdr Rob Roy (retired) is bringing 2-3 from his team with. They are SOT-G (Special Operations Training- Group) out of San Diego. They do high end stuff and normally charge around $5000 to train civilians and corporate executives. They are doing Cohorts Events and Entertainment a huge favor to come and lead a team.

For those of you on the video game side, Lt Cmdr Roy was the advisor to the video game franchise SOCOM. He has done a training session for the executives from Classic Army Airsoft. He has represented the Navy SEAL’s on Spike’s “Deadliest Warriors”.

Lt Cmdr Roy asked for one thing and that was he gets to train his team for 4-6 hours before going into battle. We will be moving the schedule for the battle at the Afghan village back so many you guys will get some unprecedented training.

SFC Jeff Froelich and his team will have the same amount of training time. For those of you who have worked with Jeff or trained with Jeff he does a great job and you will learn a lot.

This has never happened in MilSim Airsoft before to the best of my knowledge, top military instructors willing to give you training of this caliber, lead you into battle on an active military training base.

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience this!! Total number of player slots is 330. We have quite a few who have already signed up.

This is the top of the top, there is a lot of talk about Airsofters and MilSim out there. Let’s show them Airsofters are more then just dress-up players.

Climb to Glory!”

Forum should be up this weekend.

There will be a limited meal plan.

Ramada in Watertown is offering special rate of $70/night, let them know your with Climb to Glory.

Registration will be at Bradley’s and they will offer discount again.

Stay tuned …..
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Lt Cmdr Rob Roy, US Navy SEAL (retired)
Will be leading Fox Company

Some people have said they will come next time, which is cool and I look forward to having you in the future but FYI,.. Lt Cmdr Roy is doing a favor coming to this event. There may not be another time with him unless you want to spend the $5000 (see below).

Comic-Com Interview: SOCOM’s Rob Roy


"The training was led by Rob Roy, a former Navy Seal who founded Special Operation Training Group (SOT-G). Roy’s team of highly-trained former military personnel put the executives through intentionally stressful situations that stretch them to the limits.

According to Rob Roy, the executives learned how to “gain mental toughness,” that can be used in business situations. Rob and his team pushed them to dig down deep to muster all their strength to keep going for the team to achieve its mission.

Yacov and his colleagues — all senior executives who pay over $5,000 each to put themselves through a grueling program — pushed themselves hard. They went days with little sleep, swam in the ocean and did push-ups until they thought they couldn’t move another inch. Again and again, they had to set aside any thoughts about quitting, so that they wouldn’t let down their team — just like CEOs are called on to do in a business.

According to Yacov, “It was a life changing experience.” That kind of training “gives you the confidence” to deal with business environments like the current one — and to not settle for anything less than you set your mind to achieve. His goal: to bring his business to higher levels of revenue growth as a result of the training.

Here’s how the Leadership Under Fire program is described by the US Navy Sealstore blog:

Leadership Under Fire is a three-day total immersion Navy SEALs training program designed for entrepreneurs and business executives. Not to be confused with a run-of-the-mill team building or leadership seminar, it is a set of very challenging physical and mental activities, where executives get a taste of combat duty. It will wear you down and take away everything that you think is important, but in the end, you and your company will end up appreciating the exercise.

Another interesting piece to this story is that Rob Roy himself is an entrepreneur who leads SOT-G, a military consulting company that handles security as well as training programs. He started the business after 18 years as a Navy SEAL."
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