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Exclamation Two Completely Custom Magpul M4s

Hello everybody. I have for sale two custom Magpul M4s I got from trading 2 masadas. pics and details below, but first rules:

-paypal accepted
-lowballs ignored
-Stay in contact if you want me to hold something
-Partial trades (must add cash)
things I'm looking for: propane adapter, gbb pistols + mags and holster, hicap pmags and g&g 450 mags, 4x32 acog, Magpul Fpg and a&k/g&p masada
-If you offer a clone be prepared to pay at least 250 in paypal. I don't care how upgraded it is I will not trade for it straight.
-If your not offering at least some cash im not interested
-Send me a PM if you want to part out something. Once everything is claimed I'll ship.

First up is my favorite, Magpul "Spectre" m4
I got this from campingtomz on here.
I fairly sure im not going to sell this but im happy to list it anyway.

Magpul body fde - 150
Magpul Moe fde - 30
Magpul Ubr - 80
Daniel Defense RIS Mk. 18 - 120
Magpul Xtm fde and black - 20
railed flip up sight gas block - 30
aggressive scar flash hider - 10

Kn tn tighbore - 60
CA reinforced 8mm shell - 70
Upgraded piston (CA yellow reinforced), piston head (ported alumin), Cylinder (amazing compression) - 40
8mm Ball bearing bushings - 10
Prommy torque gears - 100
Matrix 3000 motor - 50
Prommy bucking and nub - 15

total - $755
Price - since most of these parts are new and I don't need to sell this $650 shipped

Next up a magpul grenadier with a bunch of extras. A lot of parts look new (grenade launcher, magpul partts, and gearbox)

magpul body black - 170
magpul moe fde - 30
magpul pts ctr stock fde - 70
ambidextrous mag catch - 10
new flash hider - 20
DD omega rail 9in- 100
DD omega rail 12in W/ extra barrel and metal upper receiver - 130
Scar grenade launcher - 150
3 x grenade shells - 70

Matrix Tornado Speed 9mm Bearing Bushing GB Lipo Ready - 150(great quality parts, full metal teeth on piston, and silver wiring and also great compression)
Matrix Turbo Motor - 50
MadBull Ultimate Hop-Up Unit - 40
MadBull Blue 60 Degree Bucking - 10
MadBull Black Python 6.03 TB Barrel - 30

Total : $1030 and this is probably an underestimation
Price : $650 shipped

thanks for looking. Please ask for more pictures

Again really only looking for the following trades + cash
-Magpul FPG (complete kit) + 250 for fully functional kit.
-A&k/G&p masada (no magpul acr) + 350 for stock
-gbb in the form of g18, 1911, 2011. (quality brands only, must function perfectly, no leaks, extra mags, and leg hoster/sepera) + at least 400 cash
-small things that ill take off the price: hicap pmags/g&g 450 mags (-30 each), 4x32 acog (-150), propane adaptor (-20), fde and black xtms
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PM inbound

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My god those are some beautiful guns
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I've decided to keep the "spectre" magpul m4 as I can not bring myself to sell it. The grenadier m4 is still for sale. 500 shipped without the eglm and shells or 600 for everything. things I will take off the price.

aeg silencer (src, tm, madbull blackside) - 20-40
fde/black 5.56 magpuls -5 each
fde or black afg -30
fde or black xtms -5 each
fde or black pmags hicaps -20 each
qd sling - 15
450 g&g hicaps -20 each
.23 ksc bbs -20 each
4x32 acog -120
g18 gbb - 150
11.1v buffer tube lipo
magpul kwa fpg (full gun) - 350
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can i buy just the afg?
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custom, m4s, magpul, prommy, ubr

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