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Blank Fire: Yes or no and why

Most of you should know by now that some airsoft events have been using blank fire to enhance the whole experience. What do you guys think about this?!?!
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Awesome videos;
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Blank fire enhances the overall feel of a big milsim game
but its not required

of course, getting blanks blasted at you from 250 yards is a interesting time
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With trusted participants and adequate safety checks I think blank fire adds an entirely new level of realism for events. Even if players don't consistently call their hits from blank fire, it adds to the confusion and chaos that already exists within a firefight.

Not something I would implement at a regular open play, but for a COMSIM, or 24+ hour event I would definitely consider it.
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Maybe I'm at fault for being the ignoramus here, but asking about blank fire in general is really vague. I know MSW has blank fire, but not having been to a MSW event, I've only heard rumors about how it's utilized. Would you mind enlightening those of us (maybe just me...) who don't know the details of how it's being used? A link to rules of use/conduct would be sufficient.

In my mind, there's a big difference between having event staff stand off in the distance and fire blanks for ambient noise vs role players/participants carrying real steel w/blanks in the event.
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Do it! (filler)
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I've seen high end fireworks and pyrotechnics used to simulate rocket and mortar attack. I even used it a few times at games I hosted. The drawback was that one of the younger players freaked out and had to be taken off the field. I felt bad about it until remembering he didn't call his hits when I was running my sniper loadout. He even went as shrugging off a 600+ fps hit to his right butt cheek. There's a special place in hell reserved for cheaters.

No. He can work out his PTSD on his own time. I had a game to run.

Looking back, now, that wheelchair of his looked ridiculous in the foxhole.
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Blank fire is fun as heck. Doesn't really improve gameplay outside of immersion, but it does give a little bit of bad@$$ feeling while you're playing. I don't know how well it would balance between liability and fun, but MilSim West attendees seem to dig it.
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Blank fire

Hey blade,
Late to the party, haven't logged on in a while.
Widowmakers are still around, our primary focus has always been real steel
Re-enactment with blank firing weapons. It seems to me that 6mm plastic is more likely to make you take a hit at 400 fps than blank firing .556 AR. I think that mixing the two would enhance the experence as a whole. The quietness of the 6mm round doesn't give you the same feel of the battle field that the .556/7.62 blanks do. I would be interested in pursuing this at events if you are interested.
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Indeed, blank fire gives you something a 6mm bb never will BUT the liability of mixing both, the safety around them, plus the fact that figuring out who should have access in the field in not something easy. I am aware that rules exists already BUT from what I saw in the videos, they are very "loosely" applied. As the host, last thing I need is getting sued For the players enjoyment
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Awesome videos;
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It's a silly amount of risk to add for little to no reason. Are you going to mandate ear pro? I am sure insurance would get a kick out of it too.

Guess it doesn't matter since airsoft in Ohio is dead.
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