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AAR Operation Reckoning II, Hidden Spring Ranch, 09/08/18

Ladies and Gents,

I would like to give a 2 thumbs up to those who stayed and decided to play the event regardless of the constant rain. (I left at 6pm and it was still raining). Beside Tan CO getting hurt for some reason (I blame the age), nothing serious has been reported. We got one player who over heated or should I say, tried too hard to get up the hill and one vehicle down.

I will admit something here, Organizing in such environment was VERY difficult and I sure hope I will never have to do it again. Everything involving paperwork, radios or vehicles could not be done. Furthermore, even after giving missions (you accessed 6/18 missions), it was totally impossible to rally the troops around them. At the end, 25 green were fighting 75 tan.

Talking about numbers, there are 2 issues that I would like to mention:
1. Somebody called for a "real world storm weather". From what I understood, players would have left because of it. Question: Who the hell called for this??? and second question: Shouldn't I be the one calling for this and stopping the game??? Neither my staff or I heard about it. Kinda sad to know players left without us knowing.
2. There was a player in the Airfield purposely not calling his hits for whatever reasons. He repeatedly got hit and shout back he did not care. Question: Do I have witness available? and if yes, can I know who this gentleman is?

Despite those two incidents, the broken truck and the weather, I saw a lot of happy faces. I am not sure why but you guys still had the motivation and joy of shooting each other knee deep in the water so I guess, in a way, the event was a "success"

Now, for the great news I was telling you last night, before I fell into my sleep coma. After talking to , Amped Airsoft and Thunderhead Outfitters , they all agree to go ahead with an online raffle. In the coming days, we will figure out how to proceed. The general consensus right now is to give a digital coupon for the winners to spend however they want. will still give away the goodies previously shown and winners in the Columbus area will even be able to pick their price at the store.

The other great news is another one that TRULY makes me happy. As some of you noticed, I was not totally happy with the event conditions and fell real bad for those who did not want to play the event and left. I also fell bad for those who stayed and suffered a nightmare throughout the day. It was not what I had planned and it was not what Tan CO, Jordan Lindeman wanted you to experience either. I know, many of you said that you all decided in the morning that you wanted to play it and we can't control the weather but still, the field owner and myself wanted to do something anyway.

So, I talked to Kim Timberlake and we came up with a solution. ALL players who showed at the field, regardless if you played or not, are now eligible for one pickup event. At one point before the end of the year, I will be hosting an open play, which will last until dark, and you guys will be able to come and play for free. We will even have a dinner with hotdogs and soft sodas ( ) and an evening game for those interested. If not, I will have to check with if they could bring their big screen and we could watch some movies. Finally, the camping will also be free for those wanting to stay the night.

I really like the idea above and I truly hope you guys appreciate it too. Now it is just a matter of finding a date without rain
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