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Dear Scorpion, SYSTEMA still loves you!!

Hello Scorpion,

First of all I assume you know why I am here. I've been pestered (to no end) in the previous weeks or two, non-stop, by SYSTEMA fans asking me to make some kind of "stand" or "statement" or "clarification" regarding the TW5 "bearing issue". Now, as you may or may not know, I generally stay away from the forum because a) I am the owner of this site and b) I run, so I don't want people to mistakenly assume that I am "abusing my power" or "twisting AO to my own commercial benefit". I don't go around debating in threads, as I try to let the community flow freely without intervention. I think the job of the site owner is to keep it running (aka pay for hosting) and then let the Mods do their job.

That being said, I am not here to make anyone look bad or "straighten things out"; I know there are a lot of mis-information floating around and a lot of people are confused. I think my goal here is to simply state some facts that I can firmly stand behind, and potentially clarify some issues that has been confusing to the community.

And before I get started, I will apologize for not keeping up with everything that has been said or re-said and repeatedly said on the various posts. You guys are WAAAAAY to fast on your responses that by the time I finish reading one post, 6 more has gone up. But from what I do know, here are a few things that I would like to state.

1. Assuming that TW5 is a "MAX" variant, it is normal for the spur gear to rub on the bearing. In fact, it will rub on the cylinder too. I can explain why but it will make this post overly technical and long, but the bottom line is that factory testing shows that running millions of rounds on a gearbox like that produces no adverse effect on the gun. There is no negative impact on reliability, performance, etc.

2. SYSTEMA has sold hundreds (if not more) TW5 all over the world and nobody had expressed any issue similar to yours. Their guns have generally been performing to their expectation.

3. With the above said, I initially assumed that your gearbox might be a "one-off manufacturing defect" that for some reason the hole for the bearing is in the wrong place. But that wouldn't make sense... if it is, nothing would work. In fact, I think you have even stated that it is "impossible" - it came out of the same mold, had the same CNC finish done on it, went through the same coating process, and had the same bearing put in it. So your gearbox must be identical as every other gearbox out there, which works fine.

4. This comes to the conclusion that SOMETHING ELSE is troubling you. It probably has absolutely nothing to do with the gearbox, although I can't quite write it off as "some unknown forces of the universe doing mind-trick on your TW5 while waiving their hand" yet. What I do know is that I cannot explain why the hundreds of other identical (?) TW5-MAX out there were able to shoot millions of rounds just fine, but not yours. This may be the biggest mystery of all. (Isn't life full of mysteries???)

In any case, what I will say though, is that your fix is ingenious!! If that takes care of the problem (that nobody else has), great!! I would do it myself too. However, for all other TW5 owners out there, IF YOU ARE NOT EXPERIENCING THE SAME ISSUE, please DO NOT attempt. I know many of you have access to a machine shop, but even so, why fix it if it ain't broken?? (Not that this is relevant: my girlfriend has access to a full machine shop too, but I wouldn't trust my life anywhere within 3 city blocks if she powers on my CNC mill.) As I said in the beginning, I am not trying to make anyone look bad. If you have a problem and you were able to fix it, that's GREAT!! More power to you!! Sure beats me who has a lot of problem that I can't fix. (Yeah, I know, that's what she said.) But I do ask that, as a courtesy to other users who may not be as technologically superior, please at least verify with us that it is indeed a "wide-spread issue" (*cough* PTW motor *cough*) before inciting public panic. Its not like your TW5 suddenly accelerates without you pulling the trigger, ya know.

All in all, I hope the above clarify some of the concerns and issues at hand. I will most likely stay off this thread (and the rest of the forum) and go into hiding again, since I am the "laissez-faire" type. You guys are welcome to slice and dice my post though (which probably is going to happen anyway), and I will hold no grudges against anyone. If I had said it, I will stand behind it. Just please don't twist my words or pick on my grammar mistakes. But I think, at the very end, the most important part of it all is that: to Scorpion (who is the person ultimately prompted my return to AO),


(please buy more PTWs.) lol

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LOL! Thanks for the clarification Wallace.

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Wallace, does systema sells hugs, because I think Scorpion needs one.
"Shut up and play airsoft!"
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999.99 Hug Challenge Kit

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The mighty and magnanimous Wallace from hiding greets me personally and assists me with my troubles? I feel humbled as I know how busy you can be with Z-shot and your personal life. Thank you, and I mean this, thank you for taking the time here today. But I am going to brag about this to anyone who asks if they know how to get a hold of Wallace!

Do you see AO, this is the type of service I spoke of in my blog about how Z-shot is amazing and all the PTW representatives I have dealt with locally are wonderful people.

Wallace, if you take the time to read my response here, I do thank you very much for having fun with this little furball of a fight I had. I sure had fun starting it and you seem to have had fun ending it on a positive note! If you want to or if Locutus wants to, please feel free to edit in this response to my blog.

And in closing, I do love you Systema(Wallace, Z-shot, Systema dealers), and I do intend to buy more PTWs and will recommend them to anyone I speak with, just not the PTW5. I have done so since my initial purchase of my PTW M4 and don't intend to stop anytime soon!

But Wallace, I think I'll take my hug in person if we ever see each other again.

- Aaron

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I wish VFC would say they love me.
Originally Posted by Big Teddy View Post
It's true, i mean we are all thinking it. SoL is a sexy man beast. I'd hit that.
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