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It is well known, and constantly proffessed that AO has a wealth of information. However, getting to that information among some 3000 threads can be very time consuming, even with the excellent search features. What adds to this problem is the constant sensless naming of threads such as "Help", "Problem", "What Should I do", "???", etc. While the poster may think that by naming his threads this, he is improving his chances of someone looking at it, in fact he is not. He is doing an number of things other than that though: Making himself look like an idiot, decreasing traffic on his thread, adding to the disorganization of threads, and making it all but impossible to recover if the need arises in the future.

Recently, I tried to find something out about a problem with one of my guns. After a search, I was frustrated trying to find what I was looking for. Vague titles wasted much of my time. I think this is a problem that needs to be adressed.

How do you fix it? Well changing the titles of 3000 threads is not realistic, however, implicating a moderation of new threads is. Modorators, I know that your job is already difficult and time consuming. However, I believe this is an important thing for our community. If the moderators feel that they cannot change the names of some threads that need it, maybe a new moderator should be appointed. Once again, I am not saying to change old thread names, I am saying to change the new ones as they come, and make people more aware of the problem.

AO is a great site. Inside it is a wealth of information. We are constantly telling people to search instead of making a new thread -- and rightfully so. However, many times it is difficult to find past information with the vague titles. My suggestion above is merely an idea. If anyone has a better idea, please speak up. My goal is not to make the job of moderator harder. Its to improve our wonderful community. Our membership numbers are rising, and AO no longer represents the state of Ohio, nor the Midwest, nor even the U.S. AO is visited by people from around the world. Much of this is because of the "no bull$hitt" attitude of the moderators. AO stores a huge amount of helpful information. Lets just make it easier to find it.

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