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Introductions: Read this before you post your introduction.

To avoid all the "Hello" and "Hi" posts here is what you should put in your introductions.

--> Title:

Please ONLY post your "handle" or "Forum name" in the TITLE of your thread. This will allow people to identify your post, who you are, etc.

--> Introduction:

Please tell us about yourself. Name and age are preferable, profession, if you so desire. Honestly if we get 100 "EliteSnipurzFTW" it would be nice to be able to know one from the other.

What brings you to the hobby? What brings you to our site?

What is expected of ALL members:

Consistent Effort on your part
Learn to use the search function, Google, English Language, and other basic functions on the site. There are dozens of articles across the internet detailing how to do just about anything man has ever done or will ever do. For the needed basics about airsoft, there are sticky'ed threads, reviews, and the search function.

Read, comprehend, and follow ALL posted rules on the forum
There are specific rules sticky'ed in each section. By posting on the boards, you are expected to follow them and will be held to those standards.

Consistent Mature and Responsible Behavior
This is that which Portrays YOU, Your Team, Your Community, and Your Chosen Hobby in a positive light.

Consistent Coherent and Intelligent Content
Use Spell check, proper punctuation, and any required formatting to portray yourself as a mature, intelligent, and respectful member of the adult English-speaking community.

If you can't show each member the courtesy and respect to correctly format a word, sentence, paragraph, etc., then consider your post to be summarily scheduled for deletion. Firefox has a built-in spell check feature, as does the forums.

Showing Respect, Earning Respect, and Common Courtesy
I'm not going to go over this because you should already know this.

Help is here:

While we do try and may offer, we do not owe you help.

We can not and will not make decisions for you so do not ask us to.

Admin is not Customer Service, Moderators are not Tech Support.

The AO Staff Volunteers its time to the community.

Posting here is a privilege, not a right.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact a moderator.
...The universe is a big place. We can't be alone on this tiny blue planet - its own solar system surrounded by billions of solar systems, in a galaxy surrounded by a billion galaxies, infinite combinations of matter and energy with infinite possibilities, and they picked Ben Affleck to play Batman...

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