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Hi Cap

Hey guys, I know and obviously everyone on here knows that a lot of tournaments held are mid caps only for increased realism. Nothing wrong with that at all, I love it. But I was wondering, I have the CYMA .030 AEP Glock and I know they make "hi caps" for them. The are more like extended mags and I am just wondering if they would be allowed in mid cap only tourneys. Let me know and thanks for the help.
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As long as it is a non-winding mag it will be fine.

Airsoft events aren't really tournaments though, there are no prizes, and alot of the time, not even a declared winner. They are just games and are for fun and freindly competition.

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Also, for you down the road before there is any confusion. Like maglips said, Hi-Cap in our sense means any mag with a winding function (Manual or electronic.) However. If sometime down the road (I do not recommend right away!) If you decide to pick up a SAW of some sort (M249, M240, M60, RPK, etc) Those are the only guns on the field allowed to have 'hicaps'.

Let me warn you that have a large capacity mag on a Glock is not only awkward but easy to lose. Make sure you mark that mag with something like with a strange or orange tape or something. Trust me. The second it hits the forest floor it will disappear. They also have a tendency to catch on a lot more stuff. If you're going to do it, mark the mag incase you lose it and try to prevent it's loss by keeping an eye on it! Better yet, you might want to keep the mag out of the gun and in a pouch until you are ready to use it. That's what I do with my MP7 mags.

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hey thanks guys, ill keep that in mind. Spetsnaz you made a good point. I didn't really think of it catching on stuff. Would you recommend just getting a couple regular clips instead then?
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What I would recommend is having a regular magazine in the gun and having the long one(s) in a pouch.

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cyma, glock, high cap, mid cap

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