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Question How do you make a Banner?

I was wondering how to make those little banners you see in people's signatures that say stuff like: M4 User, MP5 User, M16 User, etc. Sorry for being such a N00B.
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go to
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Or you can use paint. photoshop or GIMP to do it on your own
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Attaching the banner to your signature line

Once you have created your banner or userbar, you will need to host the file. You can place this in the Gallery or use an outside hosting service. Where you host it, you will need to get the url of the file. Example:

Copy the url to your clipboard or if you have multiple images, copy the urls to your clipboard or a notepad file for reference.

The next step is attaching this to your signature line. otherwise, you would have to post the link at the bottom of each post manually.

You will need to be logged in on the site first.

To change your signature line, click on User CP at the top of the forums page.

Step One: Attaching Image
On the User CP page, on the left side, click Edit Signature.

On the Edit Signature page, create a tag linking to your image url.
You will need to use this format:
[img]...graphic url...[/img]
You will need to do this for each image you wish to post.

Once you are done, click Preview Signature to check your work.

If it appears correctly, then click Save Signature. If not, you can edit the tag to make sure it fits correctly.

Step Two: Enabling Display of Signature Line

In order for your signature to be displayed, there are two options you will need to make sure are enabled.

On the User CP page, on the left side, click Edit Options.

Scroll down this page until you come to Thread Display Options

Make sure "Show Images" is check marked - this displays image content that uses the IMG tag.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click "Save Changes."

The second option actually is found when posting at the bottom section called Additional Options

Make sure "Show your signature" is check marked - this adds your signature to each post.

That's it.
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