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READ THIS if you're having NEW ACCOUNT Problems

I get this question about 3-5 times a week. I believe it has been answered several times and there is even a post about it somewhere. But I will post my advice on handling this issue that I give to everyone who asks it.

The Issue:
You have just created a new account, you've filled in all of the required information and hit the submit button. You try to log in, but you can't post anything.

The Most Likely Causes:
You have created an account registering with your current email address, but you have not received the registration email to activate the account.

This can occasionally happen when updating your account information, specifically if you change your email address.


Email Notification oops...
This can happen right off the bat if you disable the Email Notification when setting up the account.

To avoid this problem DO NOT try to configure settings on the account until after you have activated the account. Leave the Email Notification enable until you after you have activated your account through the email activation.

If you don't do it this way, the system WILL NOT send out your activation and you will have to have the account activated manually!

Email Spam Filtering
Your email may classify the Airsoft Ohio Activation email as a SPAM message. This is another common issue with mail providers.

You may be required to use a free email service - Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail. Sign up for a free account - its free! And it gives you an extra email address you can sign up for all that free garbage and giveaways, without spamming out your main email address.

Even then, it still may be filtered out. So check the "Junk Mail" folder for your activation email. If you have a Safe Sender list, you might consider adding "" to the list. Have the system do the Forgot Password, and see if it shows up.

I've already tried these, now what?
If you contact me (Texx), I will typically refer you back to this email as this is the extent of the help I can give you. If this is a case where you have registered with an email you no longer have access to or have accidentally turned off message options BEFORE you received the email to activate your account.

If you Contact other Moderators, most would likely refer you to this thread or contacting Fox. I don't believe current Moderators are able to activate User Accounts, so Fox or Locutus should be your next contact point.

If you Contact Evil Head via PM. Evil Head is currently a Site Admin (title: Administrator) and may be able to assist you with account problems.

If you Contact Fox via PM. Fox is currently a Site Admin (title: Administrator) and can manually activate accounts.

If you Contact Locutus via PM. Locutus is one of the Site Founders and a Site Admin (title: Administrator), however, he may not be currently monitoring his Private Messages, so his response time cannot be guaranteed.

If you Contact Wallace via PM. Wallace is one of the Site Founders and a Site Admin (title: Administrator), however, he leaves administration of the site to Locutus and Fox. Most likely, he would refer requests to Evil Head, Fox and/or Locutus.

Changing your Username:
This may be necessary if you made a typo during registration or if you would prefer to change your username to something else. Currently, only a Site Admin (title: Administrator) has access to make this type of change. Send an Private Message to the to request this type of change. Make sure you give them your current username, the username you would like to change it to.

I would suggest you take care when requesting this change and remain patient and Site Administration issues and the Administrator's own private life may make this request take some time.

Other Account Activation issues:
Lately Admin has been manually activating accounts to help combat a recent increase in Spamming. It may be necessary to send a Manual Activation request even if you have followed all of these directions and are still unable to activate your account.

I've tried contacting Fox and Locutus, and still nothing...
I would recommend giving it a few days before attempting to escalate by contacting additional Moderators or posting a thread about it.

Have patience, "for the Jedi it is time to eat as well."

It is understandable you would be excited to join the forums and contribute. I just contributed this post and it was totally awesome. I can't imagine not being able to post or the thoughts of rejection racing through your mind. You must be a nervous wreck...

Eventually, your account will be activated and you can make your first post and with it, insults and bickering over you posting in the wrong section. Some of the less enthusiastic mods might give ya a warning while others may just move it into the right section without sayin' anything.

But you'll be able to post.

So, to recap:
  • Leave the "Email Notification" option enabled.
  • Try using a free email account to register your account.
  • Check the Junk or Spam Folder.
  • Add "" to any Safe List you may have.
  • Contact an Administrator for help with activation or username issues.
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Actually, Contact me - Fox - for account issues.
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