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After Action Report (AAR): WVA CQB Game 1/22/2006

Post your comments here on the WVA CQB Game.

I had a great time at this game, and I want to start off by thanking Bossman and the OVMB for managing to secure the arena for the game. The game was pretty well organized, with plenty of scenarios that kept things moving. The darkened hallways made things interesting for sure.

The hostage scenario was, in my humble opinion, the best one of all. The addition of "flashbangs" to the scenario made it great! I didn't see any cheating, and the gameplay moved pretty quickly.

I was happy to see that there was a large showing of Ohio Airsoft players at this game. It was good to see members of IP, Strikers, Phalanx, 6mm Militia, and of course Stormblade, amongst others.

I know Chappy mentioned they might be able to get Camp Arrowhead for an outdoors game, and if this is the case I'm in!

edit: spelling mistake

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I had a great time. The two Newbs I had with me loved it as well! Really well organized.
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I had a really good time as well. I agree with violator on the hostage scenerio. It was great that we were able to use rules involving physical contact without any incidents. It was also awesome to see people going out of their way not to harm others with close firing.

Although the hostage takers were local members with specific instructions; i can't wait till we can use those types of rules universally/responsibly.

Thanks for giving us some in-site on your daily grind as HPD.

I drove from Youngstown and i would def drive from the YO to go to another one.

My two noobs i brought with me had a good time as well.

all together real good time.

I would like to remind people to play their own game. yelling at dead or alive people on the other team doesn't help. There weren't any incidents. I just had a couple times where i called out / raised my gun hand and was trying to pull my red reg out of my left cargo pocket, when i had some people yelling for me to leave the field. Another time i was hit and couldn't leave without interrupting the game, giving positions away or getting lit up. So i played dead guy. this wasn't something that i saw allot i just wanted to remind people about red rags and exiting the ao rules as a whole. I also believe this happened because me and my 2 guys were the only ones i saw carrying red rags. like i said no incidents.

Good times,
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Yah i thaught the game was great but did any one get any pics of the game.
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