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Hey Grimlock, I think you should change this thread to "Tips for..." instead of "Tactics for..." since half the posts in the thread aren't really tactics per se.

My reply to some of the content so far...

Know Your Weapons - The better thing to know is how to use your weapons effectively. Once you have this down you can pick up any weapon and adjust automatically to its characteristics. Factors like distance, how much a mag holds and how many you have and weight should be considerations.

Be Aggressive But Don't Be Rambo - Aggressiveness comes with experience. At first you tend to freeze when you're taking fire. The more you grow as an airsoft player the more confident and collected you become. New players learn quickly that running into a firefight gets you a dirt nap. Knowing when to move and when not to is something you'll develop over time. Aggressiveness is relative to the situation.

Treat Every Life As Your Last Life - A player should be alert at all times. Again, this improves with experience. I don't think it's a matter of thinking of your game life as precious, it's a focus on the task at hand. Survival comes naturally when you're doing what needs to be done. Strive to be the best you can be and you'll find you survive a lot more. Don't make rash decisions. When you do make mistakes learn from them and move on. Everyone walks back to respawn at some point. Personal growth happens when you learn what you did wrong and alter your playing style to correct it.

Don't Do Something You Know You Can't Do - Knowing what to do and what not to do comes with experience. As for specialization, I disagree. Airsoft players can learn to fill any role and do it well. In fact, that's what makes a good team--versatile players that can do it all. Of course, you're not going to shoot at someone out of your range. It gives away your position. Use common sense and learn from your mistakes.

Use Cover Effectively - I'm in total agreement with this. If you can't fit behind it then you shouldn't be there.

Don't Be Afraid To Retreat - Good points. Retreating should be done in a controlled manner. Knowing when and when not to move comes with experience.

Bring A Radio And Use It - My general rule of thumb: If you can see the person you're trying to communicate with then you shouldn't be using a radio.

Use Semi-Auto Only - This is great for semi-auto only ops, but if you're at a full-auto op you should be using full auto. However, you shouldn't be firing full auto all the time. 1) It's hard on your weapon, 2) It's a waste of ammo. Know when to use full auto and when to use burst. It takes time to learn, but when you get burst fire down you'll never switch to semi-auto.

Flanking An Opponent Nearly Always Guarantees A Kill - This depends on the experience of the players/team you're trying to flank and whether or not they know you're flanking.

Keep At Least One Teammate With You and Cover Your Teammates And Make Sure They Cover You - If your team is working properly they're already covering each other and you're already together. *tapping temple* If you're not working together as a team (or fire teams) you're being a hinderance. If you're alone it usually means you've gotten separated from your team (respawn) or you're the only one left. You should always make your way back to your team or join up with others at respawn and continue the fight. There are other reasons you may be alone, but those have to do with being a more experienced player and trying to achieve something with the rest of your team close by.

Patience Can Be The Reason You Have A Victorious Battle - Knowing when to act and when not to act comes with experience. I know I keep saying this, but it's true. Patience is good as long as you don't get too patient (a common mistake of new players). You'll learn how to balance patience and aggressiveness. It depends on what the situation calls for and more importantly what your C.O. has assigned you to do.

First Time On The Field...Don't Play Pointman, Stay To The Back Until You Learn A Bit - Point is a role you grow into. You don't just decide you're going to be point and wing it. A point man is responsible for the safety of the team. New players are best served to take a rear position where they can watch and learn. Once a player becomes more experienced they can take on roles like point, but they should always practice before trying it at an actual event.

Dont Be Afraid To Ask Experienced Players Questions...They May Laugh - Always ask questions. It's how you learn to be a better player. Any player that laughs at you for asking a question isn't acting very mature.

Leapfrogging...2-5 People - Leapfrogging is a great tactic, but you can do it with any number of people, not just two to five. You can "limpfrog" yourself if you have to. There are a slew of ways you can leapfrog a group of people. Read up (field manuals) and learn or ask your team leader to teach you. If they don't know then maybe you're on the wrong team.

Keep Moving And Switching Cover - Again, this is dictated by the situation. Moving without a purpose can get you killed. If you're moving around just to stay behind new cover you're wasting your time and energy. Use your common sense and know when to move and when not to move. There is no "hot potato" timer that says you have to move or you die. Just be aware that staying in one spot too long makes you a target if the enemy sees you and your chances of survival can go down exponentially.

Know Where You Are Going Before You Move - If you're used to working well as a team this is a no-brainer. Everyone should know what the team is doing at all times. As an individual player (and/or a part of a team) you should be looking ahead for possible cover. I think this was the original intent of the comment.

DO NOT STACK UP In A Wooden Environment - Give this man a medal! The terrain dictates the way you and your team move. Use common sense.

Keep Your Attacking Angle As Wide As Possible - You can't dictate when you'll be fired upon, but you can dictate when you engage the enemy. Decide the best approach and execute. Again, you should be moving as a team or working in close proximity to each other. Having a wide angle isn't always possible and trying to maneuver yourself to be a wide angle to every enemy just isn't feasible.

Staying On Mission! - This goes back to the "if you're alone". Your team has an assignment. You're part of that team. If you deviate from the team you're being detrimental to the cause. Always stay focused on the task(s) assigned to you.

Always Listen And Don't P*** Off Your C.O. And Those Above You - Rank is in place to keep the team in line. More experienced players will have higher rank. These players pass the knowledge down to the lower players. When a higher ranking player gives you an order you should obey it. Airsoft isn't about what the individual player can do, but the collective efforts of a group of players.

I've noticed much of the posts are looking at things from an individual player perspective. Airsoft is a team sport, not an individual sport. An airsoft player should be on a team. A team should be teaching tactics and methods and working toward being a cohesive unit. Personal improvement comes from learning on your own, but moreso being on a good team and learning from others. Weekend skirmishes are fun, but they may not prepare you for a milsim op. Training is very important to a player and a team's growth. You shouldn't be focusing on being a lone player and improving your skill that way because airsoft is about teamwork and it takes teamwork to complete objectives. Join a team that has their stuff together and learn to be a part of something greater than yourself. Your growth as a player will come as you work with the team. It's very important you pick a team that trains because otherwise you're not going to improve much. As a solo player that's never had good training (as part of a team) you'll find yourself lacking the necessary skill it takes to complete at airsoft and you'll be walking back to respawn a lot.

Of course, I look at airsoft from a milsim perspective. If all you want to do is plink around in your back yard then maybe this isn't important to you. On the other hand, if you want to be able to accomplish something you should seek out a knowledgable team and start your learning there.

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Great Info. Will there ever be a training event someday were the goal is to teach other player's tactics?.

The event would focus on hands on training.
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Specops, Strikers thought about it but most players at that time found it pointless.... I guess we have over trained players in the community LOL.
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