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Operation Risk Factor V

WHERE: War Den Airsoft 6798 Little Buckhorn Rd SW, Stone Creek, Ohio
WHEN: Saturday, May 9th, 2015 7:00AM-5:00PM
PRICE: $32 at the gates, $25 Pre-pay $25 (Paypal to - Include all names, team affiliation, Green or Tan) (THERE IS NO PRE-PAY DEADLINE)


In the Spring of 2032…..Territory wars are still raging.

Due to countless failed economic systems and major shortages of natural resources, violence and deadly protests drained the life from even the most resilient societies. With no funding to support many of the world's once great nations and their governments, factions began to surface in a power struggle to control the land and the resources in the many countries. China, Europe, the U.S. - all are in disarray due to the spreading violence and lack of governmental control. In an effort to regain control of pivotal Nations and the resources that were remaining, the former United Nations declared martial law throughout the globe and assembled a large military force to begin the painstaking process of reclaiming governmental control in key territories. In 2027, the United Nations Coalition Forces or “The Coalition” was formed to protect and pursue the desires of the 3 Vice Chancellors that made up the newly formed WLC (World Leadership Council) Coalition bases began to sprout up throughout the globe in strategic positions. In many cases, WLC had immediate success in regaining control of many territories. Other territories proved more difficult to assume control over. This is the story of one such territory.

After years of fierce fighting between the URR and the Coalition forces the Vice Chancellors have grown irritated with the time it has taken to gain control of the entire Denland Territory. After another failed attempt to regain control of the territory, the Vice Chancellors sent in a highly trained elite force. They underestimated the ferocity of the Rebels, and it cost them the lives of each and every member of the special forces unit.

After licking their wounds, the Chancellors re-grouped and pulled out all the stops in a final effort to eliminate the resistance from the territory. They inflicted a great deal of damage to the Rebel forces, but failed yet again to gain control of the zone.

Now under a new command, the Coalition forces have withdrawn from the Denland territory and re-grouped along the northern border. With a new Center of Operations, the Chancellors turn their eyes to new territories.

However, the rebels have now tasted blood, and have decided to attempt to overthrow the Chancellors and give each and every territory back to its native people. As the rebels advance toward the new operations area of the Chancellors, they encounter a small opposing faction in the neighboring territory.

Will the new faction work with the Unified Rebel Resistance or have the Chancellors bought their loyalty? Is the U.R.R. prepared to take the war on the road? Or will the Chancellors crush the resistance closer to home?

Who will you support? Join us Saturday May 9th, 2015 and be a part of War Den Airsoft’s oldest conflict! Risk Factor V – Dirty War

The outcome of this milsim will effect the next Risk Factors down the road.

Anything not covered here on AO (including the time schedule), is covered in the player pack here:

Note: if the above link does not work, PM me or AO user Warfox.
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