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Completely custom g-36 mod built from scratch package!!

Hi all,
Ill begin by telling everyone about myself. i have been airsofting for over 6 years now, and have owned just about every type of airsoftgun out. over the past 2 years i have been making my own guns, by building the from after market parts. i have built 5 guns now, for myself, and close friends. i have also sold all of my custom guns, and have never herd a complaint. this gun today is a extra special one, because it was my latest personal weapon. Ill hit on some key external and internal points later. But feel assured because i take my airsoft seriously, and i am in the military and a infantry soldier takes his weapons to heart. please email me at if interested in this gun.
This gun not only looks external custom but is beefed up a little inside to.
it has all the good features of a g36c with my favorite features of my real weapon a m4. It has a tactical crane stock, and a m4 mag adaptor (nice one, not a cheap one). along with that, i did a custom professional grade paint job using custom camouflage paint, that is not only weather proof but none reflect-ant(color is a modern ACU od green) the Internals are fully reinforced and a m110 spring, along with a 6.03 tightbore. I have only had the chance to use the gun in 2 games, but it was amazing, and chrono around 380- 390 consistent. i bought every part on this gun individual and put it together lovingly. it looks amazing and shoots sweet. and demands respect on the field. there is absolutely nothing wrong with the gun, or more importantly the gearbox. the drum is fully working, but the battery it came with is weak and would recommend buying a new one at radio shack. Its a phone battery lol. the guns outside is flawless with no signs of wear or tear.

here is a list from the website of just some of the parts i bought, and that doesnt include the top half of the reciever, butt stock pad, forgrip. as you can see it was alot of money, and i had to get some parts from over seas due to hard to find parts.

So whats included and the pricing i paid roughly....
-the fully working and functioning g36 mod weapon (over $420 just in parts, not even to include the hours of labor) too include reinforced gearbox, poly carbon piston, G&P standard ratio gears, systema shims. Matrix tightbore, systema hop up bucking.
-2 small batterys with smart charger. (1 1100mahs ($15), and 1 1500mahs($30) Charger($20)
-1 auto winding drum mag with charger ($60)
-1 custom painted E-vents paintball mask, to include collectors case, 2 anti fog lenses (clear and tinted)and everything else in original state ($100, painted in matching color of gun)
-Tactical foregrip (painted custom to match $20)
-black rifle stock pack ($40)
-regular gun case ($15)
rough total- ($710)
price- $320
Thanks for looking and happy airsofting!!

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Price drop -$320
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