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Getting Started!

Are you new to airsoft? I was just a short time ago. I'm posting this as a way to (hopefully) help you get started and avoid some mistakes I made along the way. Basically you need very little gear to start but more/ better gear makes it more enjoyable. Here is a quick start list for you.

1. Goggles! - Protect those eyes and read the other post in this area about various goggles and eye protection. Practically every event will want you to have sealed goggles (not shooting glasses) and some require a full face mask if you are under a certain age. You can spend as little as $20 or as much as $180. They will fog so plan to spend some time figuring out a way to stop it. You can buy some anti-fog spray / wipes at the various vendors linked to the Airsoft Ohio website.

2. Something to Shoot! - Lots of choices here but you can always start with a "beginner rifle" and move up as budget and playing preferences allow. One quick note here on sniping - it isn't as fun as it sounds in Airsoft. A regular rifle that is under the FPS limit for your age will allow you to play games all over Ohio without trouble. Lots of posts here on AO about rifles and brands and the choices are practically endless. I'm having a blast with a plain jane stock rifle right now that shoots 362 FPS that I paid $125 for. Just remember, there is no perfect rifle - I love the M16 / M4 style but others get geeked by the AK 47 variants (or MP 5) or whatever. I recommend staying with major vendors as a great first choice. If you chose places like eBay - buyer beware! PS: a word on magazines here - some events have a restriction on high-capacity mags, you may not be able to use them so pick up some standard or mid-capacity ones when you get your rifle. I paid $60 for 8 mid-cap mags from a national vendor for my rifle and they work great. Also check out the forums for those selling extras. You will want to also bring a fully charged battery and plenty of BBs. Everyone seems to have a favorite. Check out a local store for choices. Expect to spend less than $15 for a couple thousand BBs (.20s a very standard choice). I have shot as few as a couple hundred in a day and as much as 2000. Read your manual and bring some extra fuses in case you blow one. I learned this the hard way at an event and had to hotwire it to stay in the game. Fuses are cheaper than ruining your day of airsofting.

3. Something to Wear! - You can play wearing mis-matched hand-me-down camos if you want - but you won't look as cool. Seriously, most games chose up sides based on camo color. Main ones you see at games are 3 color desert, woodland camo, multicam, marpat and a few others. If you really are hell-bent on getting Alpenflage or some similarly rare camo, just remember that makes it hard to put you into a squad at a game. You can get these from a variety of sources for decent prices. I spent less than $50 for a set of 3 color desert AND woodland camo. Alternatively, you can put together a group to play with and go with a private military contractor loadout (search Google for examples) out of black tops and tan / green pants or something similar. Borrow someone's boots too. Nothing worse than perfecting your perfect camo outfit and then finishing it up with a pair of high-tops. Boots are way better. Again, I paid $39 for a pair of Gore - Tex Addison desert combat boots and they were brand new surplus.

4. Something to Carry! - I saw someone at a game having an awesome time just carrying everything in a gym bag. Not exactly milsim / tactical but it does work and probably you already have one. You can also ask your Dad / Uncle / Mom / Aunt or whatever - they may have some army surplus pouches / pistol belts for you to use to get started. If you end up choosing an M16 / M4 style rifle, you will find that 40 years of army surplus ammo pouches will work just fine. In fact I have one that I use that is older than 75% of the players on the field in any given day. It cost me exactly $1. I picked up a used tactical vest when I got started that cost me $35 including a bunch of pouches. I recommend searching the forums before buying something so you can maybe snatch up something on the cheap. If not, lots of vendor choices. Go to a game or two and scope out what people wear. I bought a zip-front vest first and it worked fine but I decided on another style. I could have avoided that if I had just gone "cheap" to start.

5. Good Attitude! - Come on out to some games ready to play. Have fun and don't be a jerk. I've learned lots from just watching / playing with others and you can too. This sport is a blast and is a ton of fun when people call their own hits, respect the rules of engagement, storylines and so forth. Few things will get you into trouble but acting like a loner - Rambo type with a heavy trigger finger will make you the last one picked for any event. No one will want to play with you.

Last but not least, bring stuff to eat and drink as well as dressing for the weather. Coming prepared will greatly increase your fun for the day.

I am sure many seasoned players have much to add but this is meant as a quick start guide for new people. Remember, airsoft rifles don't hurt people - stupid people with airsoft rifles hurt people!

See you on the field!

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Thanks that was a lot of help.
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thanks man im going to my first game on the 15th
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guns and goggles

Hi i just recently purchased a pulse r-76 from dicks sporting goods store and it says it shoots 375 fps i have another friend with a DE ak47 with 330 fps on box and they look the same and i dont have a crono device is there a problem with my gun? i know not to over charge my battery my charge time is 4 hours and 40 minutes. another thing is will events on this site let me use my paintball mask? if not i have crossman glasses which one should i use? please post or message me. Thanks!
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