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CQB Loadout

Ok i'm sure some of you have seen my last thread about what kind of guns/tactics are good for cqb. Well know i wanna know what you use in your cqb matches. I wanna see your gun's equipment and anything else you may use to own the match. Also just for fun you can add how many kills you think you average during a day at the CQB arena. You can show pictures or just talk about what you have and how effectice it is.
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Alright, so I have not had the pleasure of actually playing any good cqb yet, but i am lucky enough to be heading down to airsoftcqb in virginia in two weeks. So I will post what i'm building and planning on taking, feel free to comment about or bash my equiptment.

-Started as a classic army cqb seal.
-Systema high speed short stroke gears
-angle short stroke piston
-matrix high speed motor (may move to g&p 120?)
-m110 spring (fps limit is 300 w/ .2)
-custom mosfet wired in with Prometheus low resistance wiring (awesome )

-tm mp7 w/ mosfet and 7.4v 20C lipo (no external mods!)

-thinking basic crossdraw vest to hold 8 m4 mags or mp7 mags and pistol

could use some advice though, like I said I'm new to the cqb thing.
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You already got the best CQB advice your going to get, re-read cinders post in your last thread. CQB or any other type of skirmish is more about the player than the gear. I think it's Dog Tags signature line that reads "Humans are more important than the hardware" This is gospel. Just start with what you have as long as your weapons meet fps requirements and see what works for you. Go with the attitude you are going to have fun, not that you are going to own, and you will walk away a winner every time.

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Airsoft is adaptive meaning you learn what you need from personal experience. Since we aren't you, telling you what you need to have is ultimately useless.

Thread closed.
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