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Frequently Asked Questions that will result in an Infraction

Infraction-worthy Questions:
I realize that most people won’t ever read this but to those of you who do, these are a few frequently Asked…hell downright damned repetitive questions that will result in an infraction for you. Keep in mind, some posts may warrant additional infractions depending upon the severity of the post’s nature.

What gun/gear/camo should I get?

Why it’s Infraction-Worthy: This question overly repetitive and ultimately helps no one. Buy the items you like the most and that fit your budget. This question can be answered by doing research on the items you are looking for and then online shopping.

Infraction received: 1-2 points

Which gun/gear/camo should I get X or Y?

Why it’s Infraction-Worthy: This question, again, helps no one. The reasons for getting one design over another can be found out by doing research on the items in question. Ultimately it is your decision to make, so don’t flood the boards with your wishy-washy indecisiveness.

Infraction received: 1-2 points

Where do I find X gun/gear/camo?

Why it’s Infraction-Worthy: This question can be answered by doing a google search using the manufacturer and item name. This will result in you finding retailers. Bookmark your results, compare prices, and spend your money.

Infraction received: 1-2 points

What do you think/is your opinion of/are your thoughts on X?

Why it’s Infraction-Worthy: This is an opinion question and will be closed and an infraction issued. Opinions ultimately are of very little value and end up as repetitive threads. Reviews will give you objective information about build quality. Everyone has an opinion and unless you have their same exact point of view, it is irrelevant to yours.

Infraction received: 1-2 points

Is ACU Tan or Green?

Why it’s Infraction-Worthy: This question has been covered fully and you can find this discussion by doing a search. Furthermore as ACU is technically made up of both green and tan, it is ultimately up to the Event Organizer to decide.

Infraction received: 3 points (1 week temp ban)

Is my X gun considered a DMR/Sniper Rifle/Support Weapon?

Why it’s Infraction-Worthy: The definition of each is thoroughly discussed on the boards as are the requirements for using each. Ultimately, the event organizer will have final say as to whether or not you may use your gun for that role. Find their event thread and post your question or, even better, contact them privately.

Infraction received: 1 point

How do I turn my X Gun into a DMR/Sniper Rifle?

Why it’s Infraction-Worthy: First you must have the definition of either weapon as defined by the event organizer. Secondly, you must meet the age requirements for using a weapon that operates at those velocities.
Thirdly, you simply upgrade your weapon accordingly to allow you to fulfill that role. Finally, and most importantly, you obtain approval from the event organizer to use your weapon for that role.

That being said, upgrading your specific weapons system has been documented thoroughly on this board. Remember that certain gearbox designs can handle specific upgrades better than others and that some designs are already better geared for a specific role than others.

Infraction received: 1 point

Why are there age requirements?

Why it’s Infraction-Worthy: This question is asked repeatedly. It is the Event Organizer’s discretion to set who can and cannot attend his events. Some locations may have specific age requirements to satisfy insurance and safety concerns. Some event organizers may simply wish to only have players of a certain age at his events. All in all, it’s His game by his rules.

Infraction received: 1 point

How do I upgrade my AGM/JG/Wells/UTG/Etc. Budget Sniper Rifle?

Why it’s Infraction-Worthy: These guns are very well documented in the Bolt Action section of the forums. Information on these weapons is very easy to obtain with minimal effort on your part.

Infraction received: 1-2 points

--- to be continued ---
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