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Things to purchase if you purchase a Well MB06

if you ever decide to purchase the Well MB06, you should read this

i got a well mb06 for my birthday because i decided that sniping in airsoft was my calling (which is not, i perfer to different things, not just sniping), anyway, here is a list to consider based on my expirence

What aftermarket parts will i need?

1.for one, a scope, the point of sniping is to pick off your enemies at long range, a scope gives you more definition of the target at a distance, plus, there are no iron sights on the gun (For the newbies out there)

2. Bipod (Optional) this isn't really a requirement, but it is a helpful tool, it allows you to stabalize the weapon even more than just holding it.

3. Echo 1 ASR Upgrade kit. when you buy from a chinese company such as Well, you really don't know what your getting, your weapon can be just fine or (like me) you can recieve a defective one, the piston and spring guide are plastic in the gun and the airseals really aren't that good, this upgrade kit is $30 off of amazon and you get a high quailty piston and spring guide made out of aluminum and the o rings are a little higher quality than the stock ones, plus you get a stiffer spring which gives you more power but be aware, you will need to get a renforced trigger shear if you put the new spring in, if i were you, i would just stick with using the stock spring

4. Spare Magazines. this is kind of a no brainer, but this article is more so targeted for the newbies to airsoft in general, these magazines hold 25-30 rounds each, for some, thats enough for one game, but for others, thats not enough to hold over and reloading the magazine in the field is close to impossible, these mags have a wierld tip and the speedloader givin to you is the old tube and ramrod speedloader, invest in more magazines, period

what do i need to do to make my gun operational?

for one, you need to ramrod some rubber friendly lubricant down the barrel with a cleaning rod, the hop up is really ineffective because of the cheap grease the chinese use, not to mention, they use A LOT of it, after one barrel cleaning, the hop up should drastically improve. Do not use oil based lubricants for it can damage any rubber material in the gun, rendering your hop up useless (Thanks Texx for that tip, unfortunatly, i already used the wrong lubricant)

another thing you need to do is to take the gun apart and install the upgrade kit (remember, if you install the new spring, and don't renforce the trigger shear, you risk breaking the shear, which means your gun is useless) the installation is very simple, remove the old piston, spring, and spring guide and put the old spring on the new spring guide, then insert the new piston over the spring, then put the assembly back into the bolt spring guide first, then continue to assemble the rest of the gun

the rest is simple, sight in the scope and adjust your hop up (the hop up is a pain, it adjusts with an allen wrench)

If your a lefty, you will want to move the bolt to the left side for your comfort, i have taken the gun apart an i know you can put the bolt on the left side

what other options are there?

You can replace the LE Retractable stock with a MOE stock, the stock included really isn't all that comfortable when cocking the weapon, MOE stocks are Very Comfortable and give the gun a whole new look, one thing is they are a little pricey but are worth it in the long run.

You can buy a threading adaptor for this gun and put a suppressor on this gun, this gun uses the same threading adaptor as an L96 varient sniper and the suppressor is up to your personal preference

you can install a tightbore barrel for added accuracy, range, and FPS, but i am not sure what the length of the inner barrel is, but i plan on purchasing one

one thing you can't do with this sniper that you can do with others is put a 2 point sling on it, it does not have a front sling hook

overall i hoped this helped on making your next purchase, for the price of $80 at airsoft sites without any attachments it is worth it for. you will spend under $200 worth of equipment including the sniper to make it work, and a little bit over $200 to make it worth while. i recommend it to beginner to intermediate players or for someone looking for a project gun to upgrade and possibly sell.

(Copywrite infringment was not intended, i was not trying to steal information from Airsoft Retreat, i was trying to put out my own thoughts and feelings of this gun)
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