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In response to the above poster, my first event was a big MILSIM AO event and I couldn't have enjoyed myself more. Hence, your stated opinion doesn't really mean much except to you and could have been the result of a lot more than just external factors. Your post could have actually explained why you have your opinion in detail, thus warning other new players what to do, what not to do, what to expect... you know, being helpful. It's one thing to declare, "I hate turnips." It's a whole other bag to state, "I hate turnips because they give me horrible stomach pain, cause me to go into anaphylactic shock, and a turnip farmer murdered my mother."

Sometimes it is not what you say, but how you say it.

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Originally Posted by strikers blade
Actually, I would say Diet Mt. Dew, it is lighter to carry around since it is Diet.
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Originally Posted by ViciousT33Bagg View Post
That person was asking for an OPINION so I gave mine. So Torque was in the wrong.
Alright TBagg, since I was the one that gave you the neg rep, lets examine what you originally wrote:

Originally Posted by ViciousT33Bagg View Post
I would say no, cause I went as a 3rd event and it pissed me off real bad!!!
Hmmm... ok, yeah. You think this was a really good answer? You think this really gave the poster all the info he was looking for? After reading this, I would probably have thought to myself, "so it made you mad... why exactly? And who are you again? Why should I care what you think?" If I had posted that, I would hope that someone would have neg rep'ed me for it. That day, you just happen to hit my biggest pet peeve on AO (or any other forum for that matter): irrelevant, random, or otherwise inane response posting.

Originally Posted by ViciousT33Bagg View Post
Ill tell you how it contributes, take alook at the question that was asked... If you have no idea how a MILSIM is ran and you being a noob and go to one as your first game it will piss you off cause it happen to me. I didnt appreciate the COs yelling and screaming and name callling and all the other BS that goes along with MILSIM. But now that I have been playing for a while that part of MILSIM doesnt bother me anymore. So my point was as a noob I wouldnt recommend going to a MILSIM event at first.
Now this is more like it. This is a much better response. At least it gives the original poster some more context and deeper info as to why you personally did not like MILSIM events as a noob. So why didn't you just say this originally in your first post? If you had, you wouldn't have attracted my attention in the first place. You wouldn't have gotten a neg rep from me.

Originally Posted by ViciousT33Bagg View Post
There was no reason for him to do that, it wasnt even his thread.
Really. So you believe that all reps given out are by AO members just in their own threads? Interesting...
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Originally Posted by ViciousT33Bagg View Post
If people start posting threads like this stating that they are scared to post anything because they dont want to end up getting banned, then thats the time for the MODS to stop and wonder what is being done wrong thats makes people scared to post.
No. They just don't understand the rules, which is why everyone has been very nice in explaining why people get banned. This guy is new, and honestly, we've explained very well why he SHOULD'NT be scared. The mods cannot control how many idiots join the forum and then get banned. That's just bad logic. The mods don't ban for fun either. Heck, it would be easier for them NOT to ban. They ban because people blatantly and repeatedly break the rules, which means that they are actually doing a fantastic job. As long as you don't repeatedly break the rules, you have nothing to worry about.

I think its time you sat back and took a breather.
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This thread has taken a pretty big turn. First, i was scared to post something, now I see people argueing with mods? cmon guys. I havent been on AO for that long but telling about my incedent with Fox when I first made this profile, I think its just a bad idea to argue, let alone trying to justify something thats been attended to multiple times. I may not post but I observe. Mods (no matter what happens to the accused) are always doing something to help that majority of AO. Thats what I have learned in the past year-ish that ive been on AO.
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Yeah, I think this thread has run it's course.

Closed Thread

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