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WE M4 help

I have searched and could not find these answers
Also, these questions would be on a site directly related to WE m4's but it is not working right now (the website that is)

I hope you guys can help me out here.

As you can probably tell, I got a new WE m4 gbb rifle. It is amazing after a few swaps with real parts off an ar-15. It does shoot to hot but there is a part out to adjust the fps on it. The thing is it does not come with a nozzle. I would like to keep my original as an extra so I will also buy a new nozzle...except the only one I can find says CO2 nozzle:

Will this work with green gas/propane?
I have tried a few times to contact this company but they have not responded

Also, the bb's fly up very quickly. I know I am using very light bb's (.2) for 550ish fps BUT I have done a quick homemade way to lower the fps to 330ish and it still happens. So my question is Which way is down for the hop up? Would it be with the black piece all the way twords the oprerator or all the way away from the op?

Thanks in advance and hopefully only people who own this weapon will respond.
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293 pages of help

This post was made on a Macbook Wheel
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It would help if the link worked
The error returned was:
Sorry, the link that brought you to this page seems to be out of date or broken.
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The link works fine, but you need to be logged in to see it.

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We have swapped several PM's about the WE M4. I think you and I are probably the only ones on this board that own one.

Here's all you need to know:

1) Go through every post on the Arnies thread that vbtb110 posted above. Every single one. Don't be lazy. You can start at the end if you need to. It's a good history lesson on all the WE M4 permutations as well. You have to register a free account to see it.

2) Read all the topics in the WE M4 Wiki thoroughly, especially maintenance:
(Note: some of the info may be a little out of date)

3) Yes, the CO2 nozzle will work with both CO2 and Green gas/propane. My advice, don't use Green gas. Use strictly propane, and add a drop of silicone oil every 10 or so mag fills. The green gas just slops silicone all over the inside of the receiver constantly with every mag, eventually oozing out of every crevice in the gun. It will get a silicone bath, and start causing problems with the hop up. You should run the mags until they are nearly dry of silicone.

4) In order to reduce FPS reliably, the Uni-Directional Adjustable Guide Rod is the ONLY part that folks have had consistent success with. Some have come up with homemade fixes, but they are not adjustable.

5) Not sure on how to adjust the hop up, I've never had to touch it. I never received a manual either. I would play with it to see which way has the effect.

6) You have to use a heavier bb weight with these guns, I'm using .28's. Some have gone with .30's and higher. .20's are just too lightweight. Again, read the Arnies thread.

7) Currently, is the most reliable retailer of WE Guns and Parts, and has the most parts in stock. I wouldn't buy from anyone else right now. Even if William's website says a part is out of stock, I would contact him via email, chances are he does have it or can get it right away.

8) Don't go crazy swapping out internal parts on the WE M4. After reading all the Arnies posts, I have concluded that the guys with the most problems with their WE M4's are the ones that continue to customize, swap out for aftermarket parts, try this and that, etc. Keep it simple and for the most part stock internally.

Remember, with GBB rifles it's all about the experience, much less about trying to get perfect performance.

Good luck, and enjoy your WE M4!

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