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Question Echo 1 Stag 15 M4 Upgrades?

Any suggestions on what internal upgrades on I should do on my Stag 15 M4?
I typically play on outdoor fields so would like to have better accuracy and all around smoother shooting, but have no clue where to start.
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barrel, bucking
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Don't mess with the internals until something actually breaks, only then should you consider upgrading internals. But if you want better accuracy, get a better bucking and a Tightbore barrel.
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Soft Firefly bucking should treat you well, should improve consistency of shots. a 6.04 barrel should be fine, in my experience anything with a smaller diameter tends to not be worth it with having to be paranoid about barrel cleanliness.
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Here's my recipe:

PDI 6.05 inner barrel
Lonex 70 degree bucking, mound shaved off
Sorbothane/neoprene pad on the cylinder head
Prometheus hard cylinder sealed to cylinder head
SHS 15 steel tooth piston
Guarder air seal nozzle with Viton fluoroelastomer o-ring
Viton fuoroelastomer piston head o-ring
Use the stock piston head
SHS M110 spring
Keep the stock gears and thoroughly shim them from the bevel gear
Deans connectors

You ought to be very happy with that setup.

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Theres a lot of self mods you can do to increase the accuracy, and range along with the upgraded TBB "Tight bore barrel", and a Bucking. In all honesty I have the Fire-Fly hard bucking, and it's amazing, but you shouldn't need the hard bucking if you're not pushing over 440fps. But id invest time in air-sealing your gun before you just throw a bunch of upgrades into the gearbox. Air-sealing your gun will help with consistency of fps. In example... First shot 350fps, 2nd 355fps, 3rd 352, 4th 355. You would have a (+/-) Of about 5fps which would be amazing. From what I know about air-sealing pay attention to the your air-nozzle "best would be a doubled O'ring for tighter air-seal", Like they said above the TBB, and Bucking. I find it highly unlikely to buy a whole new hop up unit. I can't really judge this though I have a stock G&G combat machine hop up unit. Uhh, a double O' ringed cylinder head would help with air-seal also. I haven't read up on the newest information lately due to lack of time. So i'd suggest to see if they came out with new internals with better results, research, research, research, don't take one persons opinion! I can't stress this enough. Also if you are thinking about changing your internals as a whole, make sure these parts work good with each other. You don't want another part over powering another part just so it can break in the future. This is all I can really think of right now, i'll update this later tonight to try to help you out a little more. Hope I helped a little.
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