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MGC Glock, WE 1911, Systema, A&K, Magpul, etc...

Welcome to my sales thread!*

No threadcrapping.
PM me if you have a question.
I ship to Cont. US only!
Serious buyers only.
Prices are all OBO. I will work with you on prices.*

I will be changing this a lot, so stay tuned!

If you want more pics, please ask. I am happy to take more pics for any potential customers!

All items over $100 get a tracking number. $200+ get *tracking+insurance.*
For anyone buying something under that price range, those services will cost you extra.*

I may part out some stuff, just ask!

The more you buy, the more discounts you get.*

I have lots of feedback on airsoftsociety where I am a moderator (+20), *NCairsoft (+6), AirsoftOhio (+1), AirsoftForum (+4)and MiAirsoft *(+7). If you would like to see it, PM me.

If we trade, you ship first unless you have better feedback than me.*

Metal M4 midcaps and high-caps
Xcortech X3200 chronograph*
VLTOR receivers
Magpul Receivers*
M4 CASV rail
RIOT SC gears*
SHS 13:1 gears
Lonex motor
Amp motor
Lonex v2 gearbox shell
High end M4s

Onto the sales!*


MGC Glock 17;
In AMAZING condition. Made in 1992, I can't even see a scratch. These are collectors guns. Runs best on HFC134a, and nothing else but that has been used in it. Cycles great, *pretty snappy. Includes original box and loading nozzle!
$170 shipped.*

Western Arms 6.0 IED;
Beautiful gun in good condition.*
Single stack. A small amount of residue on the slide from where the trades were covered.*
Mag has NO leaks!


* * * * * * * * *

WE 3.8 hi-Capa;
Comes with 1 functioning mag, and enough extra parts to almost complete another 1911! So for $75 *you get 1 functioning gun+mag, and if you take some time and put together the other parts and order any extras needed, you have 2 guns for very cheap.

$75 shipped

* * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * **

Systema energy gearbox shell;
Comes with all screws, I will even include some bearings. $65 shipped.

Ported cylinder;

M4 air-nozzle;
*Plastic.$2 shipped.

2 random stock motors;
Unsure of brand.*
$7 shipped each, or both for $13 shipped. ONE IS SPF.

V2 spring guide;
Plastic with metal base. $6 shipped.

Metal V2 spring guide;
Very solid. $8 shipped*

V2 cylinder head;*
Has some type of padding on it. $5 shipped.

Upper hopup unit;*
*No bucking or nub.
$4 shipped.*

V2 tappet plates;
$1+ shipping each.*

Lot of 5 (five) gears;
Some XYT, some DL, some unmarked.
$12 shipped for all of them.


None at this time*



Tokyo Marui Peq box;*
$14 shipped

Metal M4 selector switch;
$4 shipped

Plastic carrying handle:
$7 shipped.*

Metal carrying handle;

$10 shipped.

M4 lower;
Plastic. Missing some pieces. In terrible condition.

MP5 lower;
Very sturdy, feels like metal, comes with motor heat sink and screws. $10+shipping

FDE ranger plate and mounting hardware;

$6 shipped.

Plastic m4 hand guards:
painted, from a CM. $7 shipped.

Tenergy smart charger;
In great condition, only used a couple of times. Included is a large to small tamiya connector, but I can make more connector adapters for $2 each.*

*$18 shipped*

I have lots of misc. M4 externals. PM me with what you are looking for and I will see if I have it.

I install deans connectors for $1 per connector+return shipping.

Connector adaptors (IE: large male tamiya to female deans, small female tamiya to large male deans, etc) I can make anything for you using deans and tamiya connectors. $2+shipping per adaptor.

Thanks for looking!

***I have pics of everything, but I am copy and pasting my ad from other sites that only allow a certain amount of pics, so they are not all posted. If you want to see them, please PM me. ***

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Interested in the Hi-Cap, EG1000, and Systema gearbox, email or msg me.
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Labor day bump.
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Bump for a smart guy.
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Originally Posted by bobalini View Post
Bump for a smart guy.

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glock, magpul

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