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Blank Fire: Yes or no and why

Most of you should know by now that some airsoft events have been using blank fire to enhance the whole experience. What do you guys think about this?!?!
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Blank fire enhances the overall feel of a big milsim game
but its not required

of course, getting blanks blasted at you from 250 yards is a interesting time
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With trusted participants and adequate safety checks I think blank fire adds an entirely new level of realism for events. Even if players don't consistently call their hits from blank fire, it adds to the confusion and chaos that already exists within a firefight.

Not something I would implement at a regular open play, but for a COMSIM, or 24+ hour event I would definitely consider it.
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Maybe I'm at fault for being the ignoramus here, but asking about blank fire in general is really vague. I know MSW has blank fire, but not having been to a MSW event, I've only heard rumors about how it's utilized. Would you mind enlightening those of us (maybe just me...) who don't know the details of how it's being used? A link to rules of use/conduct would be sufficient.

In my mind, there's a big difference between having event staff stand off in the distance and fire blanks for ambient noise vs role players/participants carrying real steel w/blanks in the event.
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