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Operation Dark Fox

Ah here's my Mil Sim event that I wanted to hold, I wanted some imput on the event, scenareo and missions.

Operation Dark Fox
2007 Airsoft Competition-Adrian, Mi

Sierra Leone, Africa

It has been 2 years since the fall of the Sierra Leone’s Government. With the war over, thousands still continue to die every day. What was once a minor problem has grown to a great concern to the United States. As of March 8, 2007, US Special Forces have been deployed to the country to perform covert operations to restore the Sierra Leone’s Government and to capture the Militias leader, Amadi Idowu. But with the US presence now known in Sierra Leon, Amadi Idowu has hired rouge mercenaries known as Black Wolf to train and provide assistance to Amadi’s now weakened forces. To stop Amadi and Black Wolf forces from completely destroying Sierra Leone, US Special Forces Group Detachment Delta [India Company] will be deployed to the foothills of Sierra Leone. This is the main headquarters of Black Wolf, and its training facility. But this is also home to Black Wolfs most notorious Mercenary group-Fox Company.

US Special Forces Group-Detachment Delta [Delta Force] India Company

India Company is widely considered one of the best Spec Ops Companies in the world. Proving themselves in other Operations such as Operation Irene [Somalia 1993, also known as Black Hawk Down], Operation Anaconda [Invasion of Afghanistan] and Operation Iraqi Freedom [March 17, 2003]. India Company has also conducted covert missions in Cuba, Columbia, Brazil and Russia. Once used as a last resort, India Company has turned into the United States go to Company for Counter Terrorism. They even surpass the US Navy SEALs SEAL Team Six.

Black Wolf Mercenary Contractors-Fox Company

Once regarded as the most successful Private Military Contractor firms in the United States, Black Wolf made an average of 212 Billion Dollars in profits a year for participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and Operation Enduring Freedom [Present Day]. But when Black Wolfs CEO and President, Erick Donovan, died of heart complications, Black Wolf began to destroy itself. Now dealing in illegal Operations all over the world, Black Wolf now deals in drugs, terror and blood. Fox Company is one of the most notorious and deadly units in Black Wolf’s arsenal. Consisting of Ex-Special Forces members, this group should be approached with extreme caution.

Operation Dark Fox
2007 Airsoft Competition-Adrian, Mi

Mission 1- A Bridge Too Short
India Company has dropped into the Mercenary AO [Area of Operations] and is making their way to the Bridge. Natural vegetation and the terrain will provide a challenging and rough time for India Company. The Bridge can be captured two ways, Direct Assault or Flanking Left/Right. Expect High casualties though as the River can be a death trap for any flanking maneuvers.

Objectives for India Company
§ Capture the Bridge [5 Points]
§ Set up a FOB [Forward Observation Base] [10 Points]
§ Clear LZ for Future use [5 Points]

Bonus Objectives for India Company
§ Capture at least 2 Mercenaries for Interrogation [10 Points]
§ Have 5 or less Casualties [5 Points]
§ Keep your CO [Commanding Officer] alive [5 Points]

Objectives for Fox Company
§ Keep India Company from making its way to the Bridge [5 Points]
§ Keep India Company from setting up a FOB [10 Points]
§ Kill or Capture all of India Company’s Troops [10 Points]

Bonus Objectives for Fox Company
§ Capture at least 2 India Company Troops [5 Points]
§ Ambush India Company before they get to the ridge [10 Points]
§ Capture India Company CO ALIVE [50 Points]

Operation Dark Fox
2007 Airsoft Competition-Adrian, Mi

Mission 2-Breakout
India Company has moved into the Field and is setting up their FOBR. [Forward Observation Base-Respawn] The tall grass will provide excellent cover for ambushes. But be warned, the roadways and trails could be booby-trapped with mines and IED’s [Improvised Explosive Devices]. Also be warned that the tall grass is crawling with Mercenaries and Snipers.

Objectives for India Company:
§ Set up your FOBR [10 Points]
§ Secure the Field [10 Points]
§ Move the ATMEV [All Terrain Medical Evacuation Vehicle] [Go Kart] into the Field [10 Points]
§ Enter the Tree Line [20 Points]

Bonus Objectives for India Company:
§ Keep your FOBR from being over ran [10 Points]
§ Keep your ATMEV from being captured/destroyed [10 Points]
§ Have 5 Casualties or Less [5 Points]

Objectives for Fox Company:
§ Recon India Company FOBR [10 Points]
§ Over Run India Company FOBR [20 Points]
§ Keep India Company from Entering the Tree line [10 Points]

Bonus Objectives For Fox Company:
§ Capture AMTEV [10 Points]
§ Successfully Ambush India Company on Main Road [10 Points]

Operation Dark Fox
2007 Airsoft Competition-Adrian, Mi

Mission 3-Final Solution:
India Company has broken into the tree line and is pushing forward to Black Wolf’s HQ. [Pine Tree Areas] It will be tough getting through the marshes and swampland. Enemy snipers should also provide a challenge, as this is the most dangerous terrain in the foothills of Sierra Leone.

Objectives for India Company:
§ Make your way to the Pines [5 Points]
§ Capture/Kill any resistance in the area [20 Points]
§ Capture the Leader of Fox Company [David] [100 Points]

Bonus Objectives for India Company:
§ Capture Fox Company CO Alive [100 Points]
§ Keep as many people alive as possible [10 Points]

Objectives for Fox Company
§ Keep India Company away from the Pines [20 Points]
§ Place Snipers in the Pines to hold off India Company [10 Points]
§ Extract CO to Field for Extraction [100 Points]

Bonus Objectives for Fox Company
§ Keep your CO Alive [100 Points]
§ Extract CO and Win the Mission [200 Points]

Operation Dark Fox
2007 Airsoft Competition-Adrian, Mi

Mission 4-Bonus Mission-We Stand Alone
The game is over and we can stand at ease or can we? Fighting again broke out in Sierra Leone between India and Fox Company. Fight to the death [Not really] in the ultimate battle of stupidity! India Company must Charge a Hill of Fox Company’s Choice.

Objectives for India Company:
§ Charge Fox Company’s Hill and Take their flag

Objectives for Fox Company:
§ Last the hour long onslaught with keeping your flag in tact
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Sounds cool, but perhaps the missions could build up instead of being isolated...for example:

If India Company successfully sets up their FOB in M1, perhaps they could be resupplied in some way before M2, or get some advantage. Just so there is a bigger reward than points. Just a thought, really.

Sounds really cool though, wish it wasn't in Michigan.
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