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Operation Stone Breaker 3

Will post on AO when I have the time to alil later today. (by putting on AO I mean showing off my mean copy, and pasting skills.)
This is an AAR for OP Stonebreaker at Barnwell, SC. for those not familiar with my AARs, I do them standard military style (three up, three down.). I then give an in depth look into why those ups and downs were given, and then finally summarize my experience wholely. I got away from doing these, mainly cause I got lazy, but fully intend to do these again.
Three ups: The AO, The Sportsmanship (till the night game, and part of the first half of day two.) The Rule Set, and enforcement of rules.
1. The AO - I can't stop saying great things about this AO. it Had everything. you want tight indoor CQB, you got it, You want outdoor fighting in the woods for objectives, you got it, you want to have mid to long range battles while fighting for hills, berms, and trenches, you got it, you want all that and still have the AO give you an industrial feel to it? you freaking Got it dude.
2. The Sportsmanship - The first two iterations of the first day, and first half of the second day, Sportsmanship was top Notch, everyone was calling hits, getting along, squashing all misunderstandings WITHOUT admin intervention.
3. The Rule Set - The Rule Set was something I really enjoyed, firm but fair rules, they had your standard 1.55J limit for riflemen, your 1.86J limit for your LMGs and DMRS, (50 FT MED, if you had a LMG that had a semi Option ie. Krytac LMG you were allowed to switch it on semi an enter buildings, and a 3.89J Limit for Bolt Actions (MED 100ft, weren't allowed on the field without a sidearm on your person.). Three Rules that I really thought were great, were firing out of holes, cracks, and crevices. If these openings weren't big enough to put your head through (not recommended to put your head through the hole though) you WERE NOT. Allowed to fire out of it. This gave players on both side the opportunity to actually kill each outher, rather than having that 1 bb hero sitting with a door closed with a slither of space to poke their barrel out of. The second rule was if you were indoors, shooting out you had to put your barrel out of an opening. so no one (Friendly, dead, or opposition.) could walk in your line of fire. The reasoning behind this was that at a previous event a player walked in front of a snipers barrel danger close, and had his ear lobe taken off for it. The final rule (to me the most important and most common sense worthy) was the rule in regards to just moving out of the way of fire fights. Most times in our open plays, comsims, and milsims, we generally see players who are hit standing in the way of the fire fight (this most often happens to newer players than vets, but we've all been there.). get lit up as collateral damage for their troubles. TCA made it a point of emphasis to tell players killed, to take a knee, or flat out lay down when they got hit, so they wouldn't be magnets for over shoots (of course after you put your dead rag on.) This for one saved ALOT of people A lot of Hurt. The rest of the rules were strictly enforced (full seal goggles, Minding ones MEDS, ETC.) and anyone caught in direct violation of these rules had points deducted from their teams totals, which I thought was a fantastic idea.
Three downs: The Sportsmanship (evening game, and part of the second half, of day two.). Ear Pro, Leadership Issues.
1. The Sportsmanship - The night Portion and the second half of sundays game, saw a great dip in sportsmanship. People were often shrugging off hits, arguing with each other and trying to debate with Admins (in particular the night portion for the admin debating.) Often times you'd see a pea grenade blow up next to a small squad of guys, within its kill radius and one guy would almost always run off and not honor the kill. This was something that happened on both sides from my observation of the night portion of the first day (Saturday) and had to be addressed in first formation on Sunday morning. Near the tail end of sunday (Day two) people seemed to be reverting back to that as they adopted the mindset of "well the game is almost over lets just go all out and mess dudes up." Once again I want to put the emphasis on that this was seen with my own eyes on both sides and not just one. I do not want it to be looked at like I am only speaking on one side in this regards.
2. Ear Pro- if you found yourself lucky enough to be sweeping through the buildings, you would know at times, they were frag fests (Enola Gaye Pea Grenades, Taggins R2BS, Enola Gaye Flash Grenades.) multiple grenades being thrown in all directions just to move from one room to the next. in the 25 Mins we spent inside of the Largest building, we were only able to move a total of three rooms (enough to find the stairwell) to which there were a steady supply of grenades coming from both sides to try to clear that thing out. what made things unbearable to witness, was a tan guy dead on the stairs (five min bleed out.) and he kept having grenades lobbed at his feet. even WITH earpro, the guy had to cover his ears, by the sheer amount of grenades thrown at him and the large amount of over pressure being caused. both tan and green finally came to an understanding and allowed the guy to get up and out of the room before they went back to throwing grenades at each other on the stair well.
3. Leadership - I am a firm believer that if you are in a major leadership role (CO, XO, PL, ETC) that you need to communicate effectively with those under you. other wise directives and intent get all mixed up. Something that was noticed early on was that the CO, XO, and PLS in the company (Easy Company Western Coalition). DID NOT try to communicate with their lower levels using their radios. they DID NOT, try to push missions out in a timely manner, and DID give contradictory orders, from those above them. I am aware that there are communications break downs, and you should be able to adjust on the fly, BUT if you are a XO and trying to literally talk over your CO while he is delivering his intent, YOU ARE WRONG.
The Goods:
This was my First TCA (Third Coast Airsoft) Game, and though I am always excited, you never know what to expect when you go to a companies milsim event, so if I sound alil bias, or even bashing certain aspects, this does not reflect what YOUR experience was, is, or will be, so I ask that you keep that in mind as you read this summary. This event was hosted at GTI (Government Training Institute Link Added if you'd like to see videos/photos of the AO.), in Barnwell SC. With Rest and Gas Stops total travel time clocked in at 9ish hrs. Once we arrived (5 am Friday morning) we had some issues with the hotel and checking in (Winton Inn and Suites, I do not recommend.). After a while we just ended up going to Walmart and then the AO to check out what vendors were there (airsoft junkiez mainly, Wolverine did show up later Friday evening.). After checking what Junkiez was selling and purchasing some items from them, we went and checked in and got our safety brief. This brief was possibly the most detailed brief I sat in on that WAS NOT military related (meaning conducted by members of the military.). This brief briefly went over the OPORD and then down to the rules, expectations, and requirements for those who were going to play, and those who were going to be camping on site. After the safety brief we were given blue bands (were given yellow bands at check in.) to signify that we were checked, in and had our safety brief. This allowed us amped time to walk the AO to get an eye on where objectives would be (printed maps, with objective markers on.). take a look at possible choke points, cut offs, and potential routes. considering that we were the first safety brief of the day we had ample amounts of time to go over everything with a fine tooth comb if we wanted (we did not have the comb.) heck we even ran into Alex Ballou and some of the guys at TNT enterprises and chatted it up with them (Always a good time chatting it up with those guys.) on the way in to walk the field.) what we observed as we walked through was various terrains, and "play fields" that appeased any airsofters pallet. Ranging from woodland, to swamp, to industrial buildings, pipelines, open fields, berms, hills, downed tress that could be used for cover, etc. The indoor buildings had multiple points of entry, and multiple floors for the most part. The main building had about 5 possibly six floors (sorry was too awestruck to count.) that DID NOT have the same floor plan for any of them (This was a relief for us as when we went to operation Irene at the Packard plant, though we thoroughly enjoyed it the multiple floors had the exact same floor lay out for each floor.) this kind of opened up the possibilities of where we would assault, or hold as choke points depending on the situation. after the planning we, went back to the hotel (round 3 pm) and finally were able to check in. the rest of that night was rest and prepping for the next day.
Day 1 Excitement, Action and Chaos: After First Formation, ended up forming up (again) at the helipad and doing our final PCCs and PCIS (Pre Combat Checks, and Pre Combat Inspections. and at 11 am we were given the green light to go. Once game on commenced, everyone mad dashed to cover as much ground as possible and reach as many objectives a possible. We were tasked with going after objective linda (Which was a pretty decent hump away.). we did manage to get there prior to green, and secure the objective, could only be described in as 45 mins of pure bb hell. our squad was a 9 man group, we proceeded to engage a platoon sized element (estimated 30-40) and do our best to hold them off for 45 mins as they continued to close in on us (at one point completely surrounding us 360 degrees.). after we were completely wiped out we reformulated are plans and began to secure as many objectives as possible while eliminating as many enemies as possible. by the end of the first iteration, at least half of the squad had destroyed technical. The rest of the first and even second iteration was filled with constant fighting to get to various objectives and securing of said objectives while either repelling or assaulting enemy forces. The night portion saw a switch in sides of spawns and the subsequent losing of peoples collective mines. After Game on was called, and that initial mad dash ended, grenades were thrown (awesome) people were being shot (also awesome), Flares were thrown to illuminate areas and create blinding light for cover (very awesome.) but after that initial burst it was extremely difficult to get, or see anyone calling their hits, or revive you for that matter. After being killed I stepped to the side and out of the line of fire, to witness the ensuing mayhem, I watched several green players shrug off hits and keep trying to move forward, while I watched several tan players grouped together have a grenade explode at their feet and continue to play as if they weren't just blown up (they were still firefighting after I decided to leave). After that I left to respawn and attempted to link back up with my squad ( had been separated for over 20 mins at that point.) a severe ankle roll (on an expended smoke grenade) garnered the attention of a admin and a forced CasVac (they would not allow me to stay on the field with an injury, no complaints here as I respect the fact that they held to their ruling on the field and did no wavier in. did It suck that I was forced off the field because of it? yeah, do I respect their call though? yeah.).
Highlights of the day: Blowing up Technicals, being shot from 400 FT away (you read that right), from a sniper while trying to pull a buddy to safety.
Day 2 Sore ankle, More Fighting, More Disregard of the rules.: After resting up went back to the AO to finish up the game day (short day, 8-11:30). Despite the sore ankle I decided to go play, as I knew Monday would be my rest and recovery day anyway. We started off on the helipad again and continued with the same game plan as the previous of taking objectives and eliminating opposition as we came across it. We were also tasked with taking building alpha ( smaller building to the side of the largest building of the facility.) to which that became an exercise in futility. the enemy held the building and a green combatant had a good position on the second floor stairwell with his weapon, the issue that arose though was that this person did not adhere to the openings having to be as big as your head rule and only had his barrel peaking out the doorway firing down into the first floor, because the door was set up like that when grenades were thrown the player would say he wasn't killed because the door was protecting him. On two separate occasions I watch (because I was the second man in the door and died) the kick the door wide open when he heard us call for the admin to state that he hadn't done anything wrong and then immediately close the door when the admin left that portion of the building. Being that we kept calling the admin back, the admin then went to that floor and stayed up there forcing the player to leave the room. After that incident myself and the squad got broken up again and as I bleed out (died again.) I watched tan try to breach a building to which they were met with a hail of bbs, they abruptly ran out and began to formulate a new plan to get in that particular building (was a three man team, all three were shot either entering or exiting the building.). before I decided to go respawn again. I proceeded to loan wolf it (because I couldn't find my squad and my radio wasn't working at all.) until 20 prior to endex. we then met up at the vehicles and proceeed to go to the main meeting area for the raffle.
Items Raffled:
TCA Patches, Shirts, Wolverine swag kit with a bolt conversion system, P* Jack, Redline N7 in mechanical version (semi auto only) in several tickets to TCAs upcoming games, a few tickets for a Milsim Company call doomsday in florida.
Random Dude proposed to his future Wife.
Famous YoutubeSofters at the Event:
P90 Girl
Swamp Sniper
Noveritch (Only Rumored not confirmed.)
TLDR: Awesome Game, Some Bad Apples, not enough to ruin the experience, Hurt Ankle Kept Playing, bunch of free and raffled swag, dude got engaged. I'm tired going to nap now.

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Definitely the most enjoyable major OP I have attended. No doubt we'll be there next year.
Op Hope, Op Intervention, Op Explosive Sunset,
Op Nomad, Op Brains III, Op Twisted Gates, Op Cottonmouth, Op Crucible IV, Op Geronimo, Op Irene XIV, Op Stonebreaker 3
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