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First off, it's been a while since I wrote an AAR, and I'm glad to write one for such a fun game.
I'll be honest, I walked into this game only knowing that it was OH vs KY. Read the player pack? Nope. My bad. Usually the Knights are very sure to at least glance at it if not review it as a team, word for word, but we dropped the ball on that with this OP.

I gotta say I was disheartened to see hardly of handful of people actually from KY showed up when asked at briefing. Thankfully a few teams from Ohio had brought green to help them fight.

Entering the field...
It was good to be back at Fallen Warrior and playing. Haven't played there since the OH vs MI game. It was good to see the slums have had some work done since the last time I was there. The plywood really added a certain "feel" or look to the spot and I liked it.
We tracked our way to HQ and I talked with our CO asking what the objectives were.
One of our guys -forget his name- was bestowed with a bomb that needed to get to the Chow Hall ASAP and blow up the Kentucky Comms Tower. We rushed to the slums and cut into the ravine to try cutting time off the trip. Kentucky had already taken over the Ammo Dump with about 4 or so people, so they had sort of an aerial view on us. I believe we confirmed two kills there, but we kept pushing down the ravine in order to stay focused on the objective.
Upon nearing the chow hall, we undertook some heavy fire from Kentucky forces and had to dig in. We got stuck for quite a while but slowly crept closer. Just when I thought we may have a clearing to go through and get to the tower, this Juggernaut walks into the path and hosed us all down. -Being I hadn't read the player pack I wasn't even aware there was going to be a jug on the AO, but from the suit, I already knew what it was when I saw him on the path and accepted my fate. There wasn't much aside from some light brush to hide behind either.

With the heavy loss, myself and my teammate Buck had become separated from the other Knights, Crisis and Phantom. I got on Comms to find out they were flanking far out and coming up on the Kentucky HQ. I was surprised, with all the action we had at the chow hall, that they had made it so far.
Too far apart from them, I decided to keep Buck and I back in the Upper Village for a bit and just defend our grounds. At first we did try to push the Ammo Dump, but ran into complications to which Admins were called. -side note I am really pleased to see how quickly admins responded to calls, even though I couldn't hear them on my radio, they could hear me and came over. (I had technical issues)
After the failed Ammo Dump push we respawned at our FOB just between the Slums and the Upper Village off in the brush. We came to find out that Kentucky had snuck one guy into the slums and was spawn camping, taking us out one by one whenever we tried to step outside of our spawn. I'm not sure who that guy was, but he held it down damn well. He was shortly joined by another green player and It took a whole group of rushing attackers to flush them out.
Shortly thereafter, we gained word that the bomb had been placed and timer started at the Chow Hall.
I took Buck and we rushed to link up with Crisis and Phantom.
Lots of combat ensued but we held it down and got the bomb off, completing the objective.
The Next Objective...
We now had to capture the Kentucky Commander and bring him to our HQ.
We tried, but we were unable to come through.

Had a nice relaxing lunch, caught my breath and bull****ted with the team. Typical lunch break ****.

Second Half...
Going into the second half we had no clue what the objective was, and that seemed to be the general census around the entire Ohio team. We Knights started discussing our plan of action and determined we were still going to pursue the Kentucky Commander, but after linking up with our own CO at HQ, that changed. Our FOB Flag had been captured and went MIA before lunch. The main objective was to locate, escort, and evac an HVT wearing a white vest. We had a general idea on his location but nothing guaranteed.
Our CO tasked my squad with the retrieval of our FOB Flag while the rest of the forces would obtain the HVT and begin the Humvee evac which required a player to be touching the front of the vehicle with one hand in order for it to move.

The Knights rushed a route, the same route that Crisis and Phantom had taken to get to the Kentucky HQ previously in the day.
We got to the HQ and found it empty and deserted. Or so we'd thought. What we found there was not only their FOB Flag, but also their HQ Flag which was conveniently laying on the ground and not displayed "properly".
We grabbed them both and made our way back to HQ with no contact the entire trip.
Upon placing the enemy flags at our HQ, Phantom put it over the radio that we'd done so at which point the Knights were requested to assist the moving of the HVT located near the Slums, just down the road.
We caught our breath, and headed down the trail to the Humvee. I was mainly concerned with getting the HVT evacuated so I made that our mission, get the Humvee moving. It had been stuck in combat and couldn't progress down the road. I had the Knights take position around the Humvee and had the other Ohio forces move from the Humvee to suppress the Kentucky attackers coming from the ridge line by the Ammo Dump.
After a few seconds the Humvee was moving again. We advanced through the Slums and almost made it to the lower village when we became heavily encountered again. A lot of combat ensued and I didn't make it out in one piece.
We fought for a long time trying to take the Lower Village and suppress the contact from the Chow Hall and ravine near the Ammo Dump.
I had to respawn, and in the time I'd done so, the Humvee advanced down into, and almost out of, the lower village when again engagement from Kentucky forces happened. Kentucky managed to extract the HVT from the Humvee and escort him away from our possession. Not sure what happened to him after that. Our new objective was to take the Chow Hall and push Kentucky forces back as far as possible. There was likely a purpose for this, probably to obtain the HVT again, but I was so salty that we'd lost the HVT after so much effort, I just wanted to attack. We made a hard push but got pinned down in a D Day sort of scenario where Kentucky forces had an LMG atop of the hill ahead, and we barely had any cover to advance through. Smoke grenades were deployed but only advanced us a bit farther. Shortly thereafter, game was called.

Overall I thought the game was a blast. Objectives kept us busy. Admin/Staff did well responding to reported issues. They also did well trying to maintain a balance with the game to help both sides have fun.
That is all.
Kishi out.
"This is my gun. There are many like it, but this one is mine. ...My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit..."
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After HVT was extracted from the Humvee we took him to our base. That last push was fun.
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Yeah for sure. It was one hell of a fight
"This is my gun. There are many like it, but this one is mine. ...My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit..."
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