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I'm looking to find out what everyone thinks about slings. I have been looking at different types picking which one I want. Please respond with your opinions.

What type of sling do you have?
What brand is it?
How do you wear it?
What type of gun do you put it on?

I'm looking at a 1 point bungee sling for my M4 because that's what I use in the Army.
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Then get a one point sling....
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If you run a PC then slings can be annoying. I've always liked using 1 point slings. I run a plate carrier so I got paracord and ran one end through one shoulder strap and same with the other shoulder strap. Then I ran the cord through the top row of molle on the back of my PC and tied a cobra weave with the excess. To attach it to my gun I clipped on a caribiner. It works well.
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Originally Posted by 79stang View Post
Then get a one point sling....
Super Helpful! +1

I use a single point bungee sling

Condor I think, not 100%

I cut it and use carabiners to attach it to the shoulders of my plater carrier

I used it with my 10" PTW, it managed the weight well enough for me.
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I run a PC and was going to run it through my shoulder pads. I have a hook rigged up to hang my gun on.
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