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AAR: Op Irene XIV 2016

First post in ages!

First off, I'm going to thank those who still visit AO and want it to thrive again. Now let's talk about Irene.

This year was OSOT's first year at Irene and running Delta, and we are all impressed. It was also our first time running with Strikers. We loved the gameplay, commanding officers, and the site especially. The Packard Plant was, by far, the most realistic and diverse AO I've ever played on. The players were of the highest quality, both in skill and personality. We will be back next year for Delta. March or die!

I'm not one to write a book on what I did, so I'll leave that to the rest of you.
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I agree with Bushmaster....great AO.

LC did a great job with the entire event in general.

This was Black Watch's first Irene and we absolutely loved it. We had a lot of fun running and gunning with our Ohio Brothers. A big shout out to Strikers and OSOT for representing Ohio so well.

Looking forward to next year!
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I would usually be the kind of guy writing a full AAR but it won't happen this time due to time restriction

First off, it was also nice for Strikers/me to finally put faces on names. My apology to said faces if I was a bit too direct and focused during the weekend. Nothing personal here, I just have the tendency to be VERY serious when I play Irene

That AO was definitely interesting. Dangerous, dirty and dark, everything to make it very unique and somewhat enjoyable. The neighborhood is also very "special". I was quite happy that nobody got mugged or injured outside the AO .

We got a good time for sure. Lot of experience taken back home.
Would we go back?!?! Quite honestly, not sure. Drop the price, clean the staircase and keep the roster to the same number (120 vs 120) and that would be a good start.

As a side note, this event should not be called IRENE. Irene is for Zussman and MUTC. Anything else can't compare.
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Awesome videos;
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Originally Posted by Blade View Post
The neighborhood is also very "special". I was quite happy that nobody got mugged or injured outside the AO .
We should have gone to that guy's house/bar for those Heineken's. Two dollars is a steal!

I vote Zussman.
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