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Gun shooting low

Hey guys I have a m4 that is mostly kwa and I have noticed that although the bbs are shooting straight and have good distance to them so I am pretty sure my hop up is good and even though I have my rear sight raised to its max for some reason I cant get my point of aim to match my point of impact even though I'm only trying to zero it in at about 150 feet. The point of impact is consistently about 1.5-2 feet lower than the point of aim. So what I am wondering is how would you geniuses deal with this problem?
Thanks in advance
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what bucking are you using? if it's a KWA bucking. Try washing it in warm water and dish soap. If that doesnt work, you'll likely need to replace the bucking. If it's not a KWA bucking then washing could still help.
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LOL remember also, you are using an airsoft gun, not a match rifle. There is no rifling in the barrel . How would I deal with it? Shoot auto and walk it up or down. You might want to clean your barrel too
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Compensate for the drop of the bb. You know how much it will drop and at what range, now you can probably figure out the differences at longer and shorter ranges.
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Lower the front post?
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I didnt know the front post could be lowered I will try that. And I just put a new sharkbite bucking and nub in it hoping that would fix it but it didnt.
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