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M4, 2011, P99, Parts, & Gear

Little bit of Everything Sale…


- Buyer must pay shipping costs, prices do NOT include shipping costs. All large items will be shipped via USPS Parcel Post unless requested otherwise by the buyer before payment.
- I accept PayPal, cash, check, or money order; I won’t ship until after the check/MO clears if that’s how you wish to pay.
- Only trades I am open to, are those listed at the bottom.
- Everything is sold AS-IS and there are no returns; if you have a question or a concern, voice it before you buy.
- Let me know if you want to see more/alternate pictures of items.



(1) Systema PTW Package
I have available a Systema PTW package that include one complete gun with some exterior upgrades, a second almost complete gun, extra parts/cylinders, and a bunch of mags. The complete M4 is a 2008 with a Madbull Mk18 rail (rail attachments not included), VLTOR MUR upper, BUIS, Magpul MIAD, and wired to deans. The second mostly complete M4 is a 2007, it is missing a lower receiver, a stock, hand guard, but I think that parts of the electronics are faulty. The extra parts include everything from extra motor parts, cylinder springs, complete cylinders, another modified Magpul MIAD, and so on. The 21 mags are a combination of Systema (metal), Celcius (metal), and MAG (plastic) brands, IIRC only 3-4 are the plastic MAG ones, but the three the Crye MagClips will not be included. About half of the mags are marked bad (as can be seen in the pic), most of those simply need to be taken apart and cleaned, and some might need the spring stretched. Price for the package is $1,500, case, BB’s, speedloaders, Crye MagClips, and rail attachments not included.

(2) Western Arms 4.3” Infinity SV Set - SOLD
These are my first ever airsoft guns purchased in the winter of 2003 from UNCo. This package includes two WA 4.3” Infinity SV GBB’s, two Para-Compact mags (was sent the wrong ones after losing the original mags at an event in 2003), one Shooter’s Design aluminum black Infinity slide (was originally installed on the black pistol), 150% upgraded recoil spring (not installed), loading tools. The pistols have had the following modifications:
• The trigger pull was smoothed out and lightened by me (using this guide. – Both pistols.
• Along with de-burring the trigger assembly I went ahead and did that to the whole gun. – Both pistols.
• The pistol grips were custom stippled by me in an aggressive wood grain pattern. – Both pistols. (I was a little too aggressive on the silver pistol and the grip is a little thin along the rear edge and the very front tip. The rear edge has a tiny gap between the grip and frame on one side and the front tip is cracked, but is still able to securely hold the grip to the frame.)
• The slide rails on the frame were sanded/smoothed where necessary to better mate up with the SD slide and the same was done to the slide. – Black pistol.
• The frame was stripped of paint with the original intent that the gun would be two-tone, but that’s all the farther I got before losing interest. – Silver pistol.
Please remember that these are the older Magna R-Type GBB’s and not the newer SCW 1/2/3 GBB’s. I’ll sell everything as a set or break it up depending on what you want and your offer. The price for the package is $250 - SOLD.

(3) Maruzen P99 NBB Set
This set includes three Maruzen P99 NBB’s, six mags, 3 cases (two painted), and two complete spy sets (suppressor and light). The three pistols are in varying degrees of repair, but for the most part they all work:
• P99 #1 (Middle) is in the best shape of the three and works perfectly.
• P99 #2 (Left) is in ok shape with signs of wear, but shoots the same as #1.
• P99 #3 (Right) is in rough shape, missing sight, and it fires when the trigger is released and not when it is pulled as it should be. I have not investigated why.
Please remember that these are the Non-Blowback versions and should only be used with lower pressure gasses. I’ll sell everything as a set or break it up depending on what you want and your offer. The price for the package is $250.

Airsoft Parts:

(4) Celcius CTW TBB - 6.00mm
I received this uninstalled with a PTW I purchased several years ago, I chose not to install it, and as far as I know it’s never been used. Price is $25.

RS Parts:

(5) FDE Magpul MIAD
The package only includes the mounting hardware, core plug, small back strap, medium back strap, A1 style front strap, and the A2 style front strap with integrated trigger guard (not the complete retail package). Price is $15.

(6) Black Magpul MIAD Parts
These are extra straps and the mounting screw for a MIAD grip. Included are the medium and small backstraps, the A2 front strap and the mounting screw to mount to a RS AR. Price is $5.


(7) OD Blackhawk Industries Buttstock Mag Pouch
BHI pouch that attaches to an M16 buttstock, removed from the packaging but never used. Price is $5 Total for #7-9.

(8) OD Condor Horizontal Utility Pouch
OD green Condor utility pouch. Price is $5 Total for #7-9.

(9) OD Condor Flashbang Pouch
OD green Condor single FB Pouch. Price is $5 Total for #7-9.

(10) Black Ruplan Tactical Solutions Universal Double Grenade Holder - NIB
The RTS UGH is handmade and constructed of high quality Kydex. This holder is designed to hold training grenades. It holds all styles of Hakkotsu Thunder B Shells except for the smaller shells that come with the trip wire kits. They will also hold the Airsoft Innovations Tornado Grenade along with most similar sized/shaped objects such as water bottles ect. This holder has 2” belt clips. I won this at an event earlier this year and is still brand new in the unopened package; this retails at ~$37. Price is $15.

(11) AttackGear! Rigger’s Belt - Size Small
FDE Rigger’s Belt with velcro on the inside & cobra buckle. Price is $30.

(12) Motorola Surveillance Kit Headset & Motorola Adapter
I got this setup as part of a package with one of the Quietpro’s. The headset is a 2-wire Motorola surveillance headset with a PTT, earpiece, and a Motorola 2-pin connector. Package includesthe Motorola headset and a Motorola adapter HLN9716D. Price is $15.

[b](13) Nacre Quietpro Tactical Headset – Single Comm.[/b ]
It is compatible with the Motorola XTS series radio, it offers noise reduction, noise enhancement, as well as noise canceling in the case of hazardous sounds such as gunfire and explosions. This item works very similarly to the muff type headsets such as Peltors/Sordins in the way it operates, but without the headband. It operates off of one 123 battery, and has a clip to keep the cord from interfering with movement and possible snagging. Please see the manufacturer’s website for more specific information. I picked these up off of eBay along with two other sets and I have decided to only keep one of the three. The system is essentially NIB; the box is a little beat up, but all of the pieces and accessories are wrapped up in original packaging, except the extra medium sized plugs. This is a single comm. unit that includes instructions, 1 headset, 3 ear plugs (S/2x L, still packaged/unopened), 1 pair of extra rubber ear piece (for headset), 1 pair of batteries, 1 Motorola cable (CX-404N), and 1 Nacre QuietPro operating system. One nice feature about this one, compared to some others is that the RTI pegs are molded into the back plate of the control unit instead of being glued onto the back, so there’s no risk of the the RTI plate/plugs separating from the unit. Price is $350.

(14) Nacre Quietpro Tactical Headset – Dual Comm.
This is the same thing as the single comm. version except it can connect to and transmit over two radios, and instead of a connector for the Motorola XTS it has the MBITR connector. Functionally it is the same. This is a dual comm. unit that includes instructions, 1 headset, 3 ear plugs (s/m/l, still packaged/unopened), 1 pair of extra rubber ear piece (for headset), 1 pair of batteries (only used to op check), 1 MBITR cable, and 1 Nacre QuietPro operating system. I do not have the original box. Price is $450.

(15) OTB Odhin Boots
LNIB, size 12, color green. I picked these up a few years ago, before OTB was purchased & shuttered by Converse, but they were a bit too big and I never got around to returning them. These boots are no longer in production, but were designed for wet work and transitions between wet and dry environments. Price is $50.


I’m located in Minnesota for pickup.

Primarily interested in cash, but possible trades are:
• TM 1911 or 2011/Hi-capa GBB
• WA 1911 or 2011 GBB
• Glock 19 w/ RMR slide/sight
• TM, G&P, G&G (or equivalent) M4
• Magpul PTS Masada/ACR
• 7.5” AEG Outer Barrel
• V2 GB shooting somewhere between 330 & 400, with decent quality parts

I’d like to unload this stuff, so at the very least PM me an offer. Remember, everything is sold as is and there are some unknowns, so make sure and ask any questions you might have before you buy.

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Prices lowered pretty much across to the board:

(1) $1,500
(2) $250
(3) $250
(4) $25
(5) $15
(6) $5
(7)-(9) $5 total for all three
(10) $15
(11) $30
(15) $50
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WA Infinity GBB's sold.
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m4a1, p99, ptw

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