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War den airsoft - operation: Firefly ii (7/30/14)



After a short, but destructive civil war between Shaybi and Sadiyah factions the UN Peacekeeping forces stepped in to quell the situation and bring order to the territory. The UN has been in place now for just over 11 months and have allowed a new threat to emerge. After nearly a year of going unchecked due to the civil war the local drug cartels have quietly grown much stronger. 2 Cartels, Haji Bashir Cartel, and the Juba Khan Cartel, have developed very powerful empires within the territory and tensions between the two have begun to boil over. The ever increasing violence along with living in fear of the cartels have caused the Shaybi, and Sadiyah tribes to set aside their differences in an effort to push the drug cartels from their homeland. The UN’s choice to look the other way has allowed the cartels to grow bold but the newly formed Tribal Militia Alliance vows to eliminate the threat that the UN Peacekeepers did not.

Drug Cartel Brief:
Keep an eye out for the Tribal Militia and the opposing cartel. Do not let any hostile action against your cartel members go unpunished. Use your forces as you wish keep control of and expand your territory.

Drug Cartels will gain “drug production” for holding cultivation sites for a set period of time. Drug Cartels will use Drug Mules to move product to the Airport for points.

Tribal Militia Alliance Brief:
Eliminate the Haji Bashir and the Juba Khan Cartels and destroy their cultivation sites. Be on the look out for Drug Mules to cut off their funding by eliminating their ability to do business.


Any full military uniform. Must have BDU tops and bottom.


Prefer the use of civilian type clothing in Middle Easter Garb including headdress if available. Plate Carriers and military gear is acceptable. (No military style helmets)

Prefer the use of civilian type clothing in Middle Easter Garb including headdress if available. Plate Carriers and military gear is acceptable. (No military style helmets)

Any kind of civilian dress, preferably middle eastern style

Game Rules

Eye Protection
Full seal ANSI Z87+ eye protection is required at the field. All persons are required to wear FULL SEAL protection at ALL TIMES. A full face mast is strongly encouraged for everyone, but is REQUIRED for persons UNDER 18.

You are required to carry at least 1 quart of water onto the field when playing. A 3L Hydration pack is strongly suggested. Canteens are cheap and easy to get from Wal-Mart, Kmart, and surplus stores. Dehydration is a killer. You may even carry bottles of water in your pockets or a back pack. This is not negotiable.

Magazine Restrictions:
Box Mags are restricted too actual support weapons ONLY.
M60, M249, M240, RPK, PKM, MG36

You are allowed unlimited midcap/standard magazines or 1 hicap. IF you are found with more than 1 hicap you will be asked to leave the others in staging. If seen a second time, you will be asked to leave the game. You may carry your bag of ammo onto the field.

Grenades, Launchers:

2 grenade hits on a vehicle, or 1 M203 hit on a vehicle disables the vehicle permanently. Occupants must exit the vehicle and have 30 seconds of safety to find cover. Vehicle can only transport Drug Mules, or special personnel for special missions.
Any manufactured or stand alone launchers are approved.
Shower shells can be used against infantry.

Nerf/Foam balls are approved may be used against infantry with a kill range of 15’ from the impact.

Home built weapons must be approved by field staff.

All AEGs, Sniper rifles, GBBRs, GBB and NBB pistols, and shotguns that meet field requirements will be accepted.

Tribal Militia Alliance use 2 to 6
Haji Bashir Cartel use 8-13
Juma Khan Cartel use 14+
Drug Mules use 7
Game Control / RL Emergencies use 1

Special Use Items
Mules may use Technical Vehicle if available. Cartel must hire.

Rules of Engagement
Tribal Militia may engage all Cartel members.
Cartels may engage opposing Cartel and Tribal Militia members.
Mules may not be engaged but may be verbally searched and relieved of their packages.

One medic per squad.
Each player will have 2 bandages on them. Upon being hit, player will sit or lie down and place their dead rag on their head. Players can then be moved with a two hand drag at a walking pace with one player, and a running pace with two. Players may be healed if they are in possession of an unused bandage. If they have used both bandages they will return to respawn and re-insert in groups of 2.

Cartel medics MAY heal a Tribal Militia Soldier, and that soldier then becomes a “slave” for the Cartel for 15 minutes. The prisoner is effectively disarmed and may not engage once taken prisoner. The prisoner may not be used for anything other than transport to the production site. If the “prisoner” is transported to a production site it will double the production for that period of time. After that time the “slave” is to put on his red rag and return to his FOB and re-deploy without a wait time.

Special Cartel rules:
Narcotics must be moved to the airport via a Drug Mule and turned over to game control for points.
i like jeeps and bbwarz

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war den airsoft

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