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Aar: Op: Tribulation (war den airsoft)

I've finally gotten around to writing the ARR...A WEEK AND A HALF AFTER THE EVENT. It started off like any other Milsim, only with about 100 less people. Although the event was very exciting, not too many showed up for the event. It may have been the reschedule that did it for some. But either way, it was well worth the price. From what I had heard before the event, it was supposed to be inspired by the Fallout series. Being a major fan of Fallout, I asked about Death Claws. No response though.

Combat did not start immediately, at least not for Yellew team. The 71st had been divided among two teams: Orange and Yellow. So I was working with some guys I had never met before, other than seeing them on the field. Our first job was to find some space, secure a camp, report in, and wait for instructions. Once that was all over with, we were pretty much cut loose to do whatever. The goal of the game was to play it like an RPG. Which is exactly what I did. I carried around my Sig 556, Spring KWC 1911, and a Nerf axe. Despite the amount of action I saw, I'd say I only got about 3-5 kills the entire day. Our first run in with anyone was with a raider. Me and some other dude were about to check out Rebel Base when a grenade flew out of the bushes, effectively killing both of us and wasting our first and only stimpak at the time. Later on, some guys were lent out to us since we didn't have an equal number. I was told to stay back at base since I hadn't anymore stimpaks. A mobile trader stopped up and we traded for some random junk, most of us buying more stimpaks (well, that's what I bought at least). But there was a catch to the stimpaks: Someone 'official' had to see you empty a water bottle filled with red liquid. We knew this when we bought them, what we didn't know was who was 'official' and who wasn't. We learned this the hard way. While watching our perimeter, a man wondered in behind us (I know, not a good thing on my part). He looked like he was running from somebody, so I didn't really think he was a threat if he was running to us for help. He wasn't with any of the factions on the field, so I assumed he was 'official'. Apparently, I wasn't paying attention when they said there were raiders. The man asked for my axe. I figured he was going to go all viking and cut down an army with it. Nope. He took it, radioed to somebody, looked at me, and swung the axe. It counted as a kill. Even if it wasn't counted as a kill, I would have accepted it. Getting killed with melee weapons is cooler than getting safety killed. He then ran into our base and killed all but one man - who didn't know what the hell was going on. So there we were. I had just let a raider into our camp, kill most of our guys, and steal our stuff. Yup, I was doing a dandy job.

I had a stimpak on me, so I walked up to some guy known only as "Slappy" (which by the way, if you read this, that is a bad *** call sign) and used the stimpak. At this point, I'm getting tired of a weird stock (which had come from that custom JG STAR Dragon you happen to see all the time) and I'm ready for my old Sig stock. I walked back down the staging area to grab some food and swap out stocks. I met up with an old friend, who just so happened to be on a team which HADN'T attacked us yet. All friends had 'Anti-Douche' law in place (all except for one, who was just mad because I won't go pick up his guns from another friend's house because I have much better things to do). Brendan (Sixeyes) and I decided to apply this Anti-Douche law and help each other out. I couldn't find my squad, and honestly, I could careless where they were. Brendan and his squad took me in and we met up with a sector of my squad. Now, here's where things get interesting. About 4 yellow and the entire squad of Pink team were moving up the hill near the Heli-Pad when we were attacked by Blue Team (this team had been getting on my nerves all day. They were playing honestly, it's just they allied with no one, traded with no one, and negotiated with no one.) I was the first one to see Blue's scout. Apparently, this dude had some bottomless mag. One guy from Brendan's squad who happened to have a L85 completely suppressed this guy. He couldn't move from his position. This Blue knew he was out-numbered, 40:1. Every time he tried to go to a tree, he was either put back in his place by the guy with the LMG, or scared off by everyone else who was trying to get a shot at him. Finally, he made a break for the woods. He made it about 60ft and was dropped by White team who had tagged along for the ride on the other path. By the time we captured the Fuel Depot, we knew something was up. Blue was no where to be seen, White team had fallen off the face of the Earth, and we didn't know who controlled Coalition. Coalition was Yellow's original camp, until it was raided (by raiders, obviously) and taken over. Us 4 Yellow and all of Pink squad secured the Fuel Depot and started opening up on who ever was inside Coalition. I noticed something though. The guys we were shooting at looked familiar.

YELLOW TEAM CONTROLLED COALITION AGAIN. I told everyone to stop shooting and regrouped with the rest of Yellow. Thing is, the sector of Yellow I was rolling with along with Pink team had been on a manhunt to totally wipe out Blue team. Funny thing, really - Because the rest of Yellow had been hired by Blue team to kill Pink and White team. Well, I wasn't about to betray a sqaud who was entirely composed of friends. There was a Blue in our base, a small child, about the age of 5(?). I knew he was harmless, and he wouldn't dare open fire on anyone inside Coalition (even if he was wielding a G&G CM). I pulled out my pistol and pointed it at the child. I thought about shooting him, not for the purpose of protection, but to let the rest of Yellow know that this sector was not about to betray the team who had just saved our butts. What happened next went by so fast, I didn't know how to react. ALL of Yellow opened up on Pink, causing Pink to run for the CQB building (where Blue and some raiders just so happened to be hiding). Luckily for Pink, there were only a few blue guys a one raider in the CQB building. Pink ran them out and started firing on our position. I was lost with all of this. I thought Blue team was firing at us, so I poked my head out the window and started firing. Thing was, it wasn't Blue. It was actually Pink team, and I was shooting right at Brendan. After all this was over with, all the team leaders called for a meeting inside Coalition. When they came out, they ordered everyone to stick with whichever team they wanted to. Gage (Kage) was tired of former 71st member Jonathon's (Bacon) commands (which were, from my experience, less than average), so Kage decided to join with Pink. I decided to go freelancing, but eventually decided to stay with Pink.

For about an hour or so, Pink team went around trying to secure the rest of the sickness vials (Brendan's team had some strange plan to capture all of the vials so the sickness would not spread) and lying to Adam White (Keikio) about which vials we had. We eventually meant an agreement with Orange team. Both teams decided to order a juggernaut, but share the cost - therefore both teams were sharing one juggernaut. Slappy had the misfortune of being that juggernaut. Slappy didn't really focus on details. All he was going to do was go kill some guys. He didn't care he who it was, or where he went and how it got done. After clearing all of the airstrip by himself, Slappy starting moving toward Rebel Base. Pink team followed after him. Orange team saw this as us 'stealing' Slappy. Me and Kage knew something was up. Kage had heard some Orange guys talking about betraying Orange team long before we even had Slappy. I was planning on killing them before they had a chance to kill anyone. Well, that didn't work. I assume after me and Kage died, Orange went after the rest of Pink team. All I know is, people died, and we lost the vial. The 'NOT-Bio terrorist' poured the sickness into the last remaining pond. effectively destroying everything Pink team had worked for.

The final battle was everyone against two juggernauts, Adam, and some other guy who I didn't know. The juggernauts kept us distracted while Adam and the other dude escaped. By this time of the day, it was dark, I was tired of fighting, and I was trying to text Katelin, listen to music, fight, and take pictures all while taking LMG fire from the juggernauts. By the time it was all said and done, I ended up with a bloody knuckle, a sprained ankle, and a headache - Oh and man, was I really freaking hungry.

All in all, it was a great day - all for except a few minor errors due to the arrogance of some immature players. Other than that, I can't wait for OP:Tribulation II!
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